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Beaten, flogged & burned: 20 LGBTQ youths sue over arrest torture in Uganda: Twenty young LGBTQ people who were arrested in a raid on a homeless shelter in Uganda in March have accused officials of torture.
Criminalising gay sex increases risk of HIV: It's been shown that men who have sex with men (MSM) living in African countries that outlaw gay sex are at far higher risk of HIV infection.
Boris Johnson confirms plans to ban LGBTQ conversion therapy: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has backed an earlier promise to outlaw LGBTQ conversion therapy in the UK, a move that is widely supported by the public.
Hollywood boosts gay male visibility but fails on trans and racial diversity: LGBTQ representation in US film saw its highest ever recorded year, but racial diversity of LGBTQ characters, as well as the number of queer women characters dropped.
Sudan repeals death penalty for homosexuality: LGBTQ people in Sudan will now no longer face the death penalty, although homosexuality will remain a criminal and jailable offence.
Global Diversity Pride Network aims to make LGBTQ+ community more inclusive: A new initiative called the Global Diversity Pride Network has been launched to include and empower LGBTQ+ people of colour and others who have been marginalised and excluded.
Get ready for Boots The House Down Party Vol 2!: The first Boots The House Down Party grabbed a worldwide audience with international and South African queer DJs, drag artists and performers. And Volume 2 is set to take place on 25 July!
Report highlights risks of LGBTQIA+ dating apps: A new report has revealed some of the dangers associated with online dating apps, especially in countries where LGBTQIA+ users face criminalisation.
Gay footballer opens up about “nightmare” of life in the closet: A gay footballer in England’s Premier League has penned a heartbreaking open letter to fans and the sport about the torment of living in the closet.
Tunisia | Men given a two-year sentence for homosexuality: Human Rights Watch has condemned the sentencing of two men accused of sodomy in Tunisia to two years in prison last month.