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Pose, Lil Nas X and Rafiki among GLAAD Media Award winners: Kenya's banned lesbian romance Rafiki was one of the winners in the 31st Annual GLAAD Media Awards, which recognises LGBTQ inclusion and representation.
Gay and bi men say they’re having less casual sex during Covid-19 pandemic: Gay and bi men (GBM) in Australia and South Africa appear to be heeding public health advice and having less casual sex with other men due to COVID-19 physical distancing measures.
OUT LGBT Well-being and TEN81 clinic are on the move: OUT LGBT Well-being, one of SA’s oldest LGBTQ organisations, and its groundbreaking TEN81 clinic have moved to an exciting new location in Pretoria.
Reality TV star Inno Matijane reveals struggle with depression: Gay South African reality TV star Inno Matijane has spoken out about battling with depression, especially after his mother died in December.
LGBTQ people subjected to “monstrous” sexual violence in Syria conflict: Traumatised LGBTQ survivors have spoken out about the horrific sexual violence they endured during the civil war in Syria.
Homophobic ‘alien DNA’ doctor’s Covid-19 video goes viral: Dr Stella Immanuel, a homophobic doctor and preacher, has found global infamy after appearing in a dangerous viral video claiming that there is already a cure for Covid-19.
This Nigerian lesbian love story is set to shake up Nollywood: Ìfé, an upcoming lesbian film, is set break new ground when it comes to LGBTQ representation in Nigeria but it is likely to be banned by the country's homophobic censors.
Madness! 10 months in jail for supporting LGBTQ equality: A blogger has been sent to jail in Saudi Arabia simply for posting a video supporting human rights for all, including LGBTQ equality, reports Human Rights Watch.
Survey: LGBTQ South Africans facing mental health crisis: A survey of the social cohesion, integration and the everyday experience of the LGBT+ community in South Africa has made findings that the authors say require urgent attention from both policymakers and broader society.
Study confirms that male bisexuality is real: In the face of longstanding bi-erasure and widespread scepticism, a new study has proven that male bisexuality is indeed a real and measurable fact.