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Germany outlaws LGBTQ conversion therapy for minors: In a historic move, Germany's Parliament has passed a law banning the dangerous practice of LGBTQ conversion therapy for young people.
America’s biggest LGBTQ group backs Joe Biden for president: Leading American LGBTQ rights group HRC has announced that it is supporting Joe Biden as its preferred candidate in the US presidential election later this year.
Uganda | 19 arrested in LGBTQ shelter raid still in jail: Nineteen men who were arrested in a violent raid on an LGBTQ youth homeless shelter in Uganda on 29 March have still not been granted bail.
Jon Qwelane Constitutional Court case postponed: The Constitutional Court hearing on the Jon Qwelane hate speech case that was set for Thursday did not go ahead as planned due to the coronavirus lockdown.
Mr Gay World 2020 and 2021 will both be crowned in Johannesburg next year: Mr Gay World has announced that the Mr Gay World 2020 contest has been postponed to next year, in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns.
Big changes for Mr Gay World South Africa: The annual Mr Gay World South Africa pageant is undergoing a major shakeup with the announcement of new management.
Queer music | Miloh Ramai shares his “Secret”: South African LGBTQ+ artist Miloh Ramai has released a lyric video for his haunting new track, Secret; a soft pop/rock ballad about the mystery in relationships.
Gay and bisexual men excluded from Covid-19 plasma trial: Gay and bisexual men are not being allowed to participate in some medical trials in the UK that aim to find a treatment for Covid-19.
Anderson Cooper confirms he’s a daddy: Openly gay CNN television journalist Anderson Cooper has revealed that he has become a father after the birth of his son.
Devastating outing of gay men in Morocco condemned: Human Rights Watch says that an online campaign to out gay and bisexual men in Morocco could subject them to physical harm, prosecution, and discriminatory measures.