RuPaul’s Drag Race star Dusty Ray Bottoms in Cape Town and Joburg: In a major coup for local drag fans, a different RuPaul's Drag Race contestant will be performing in Joburg and Cape Town once month for the rest of the year.
Aunty Merle, The Musical comes to Jozi: Popular comedian, Marc Lottering’s most beloved alter ego, Aunty Merle Abrahams sashays onto the stage for the first time in Johannesburg with Aunty Merle, The Musical.
PrideTV Highlight: You Can’t Curry Love: Now streaming on PrideTV, You Can’t Curry Love is a charming, funny and thoughtful short film about finding love and identity. 
Ceri Dupree returns to Cape Town: Ceri Dupree, one of the UK’s top female impersonators, heads back to Gate69 in Cape Town with his show, Immaculate Deception, from 6 February to 16 March 2019.
PrideTV Highlight: Alone With People: Alone With People is a half-hour short film now streaming on PrideTV that deals with the familiar coming out theme coupled this time with a young girl’s coming of age.
PrideTV Highlight: The Boy with the Sun in his Eyes: The Boy with the Sun in his Eyes, now streaming on PrideTV, is set in the City of Love, Paris (of course!), and stars American actor Tim Swain.
PrideTV Highlight: Starting From Now: Starting From Now, streaming on PrideTV, is an acclaimed web-series about four Sydney-based lesbians looking for love as they struggle to work out who they are and where they belong.
PrideTV Highlight: Together Forever: The short film Together Forever, now on PrideTV, is about everlasting love, creating the perfect moment and finding the grandiose in the everyday.
PrideTV Highlight: Her Story: Directed by Sydney Freeland, this title from the PrideTV Freemium portal is about two transgender women who have given up on love, a familiar theme.
PrideTV Highlight: Practical Things: This compelling short film title from PrideTV’s Freemium portal highlights the theme of love at first sight. Watch Practical Things right now, free!
PrideTV highlight: Monster Pies: With Halloween now clearly over, readers may be wondering what a title like Monster Pies is doing amongst our highlighted repertoire of PrideTV streaming movies.
PrideTV Highlight: Running on Empty Dreams: This new title from PrideTV, Africa’s only LGBTQI video-on-demand (VOD) streaming channel, deals with the somewhat unfortunate scenario of dreams that don’t - or won’t - deliver.
PrideTV Highlight: Life Partners: With Leighton Meester as co-star, Life Partners from Africa’s LGBTQI video-on-demand (VOD) streaming leader, PrideTV, straddles the line between mainstream and LGBT quite comfortably.
PrideTV highlight: Naked As We Came: Naked As We Came is a thoughtful and sensitive family drama that's won a host of film festival awards, and can be viewed free right now on PrideTV.
PrideTV highlight: The Throwaways: This title from Africa’s LGBTQI video-on-demand (VOD) streaming leader, PrideTV, just goes to show that - very often - coming out is not an episode of Modern Family.
PrideTV Highlight: Isle of Lesbos: The Isle of Lesbos, now on PrideTV, is a supremely funny comedy set in a different time and place where lesbians rule the world. Wow. That’s a universe we want to see!
PrideTV Highlight: I Want To Get Married: With an impending ban on same-sex marriage, Paul is desperate to tie the knot. The only problem? He doesn't have a fiancé and has just six days to find one. Watch now on PrideTV.
PrideTV Highlight: The Stranger In Us: The Stranger In Us, now on PrideTV, explores that other person in us who comes out during times of stress, hardship, turmoil and so on.
PrideTV Highlight: Bandaged: Bandaged is one interesting movie from PrideTV. Not only does it have an especially intriguing movie poster, the “horror meets forbidden love” plot is totally unique.
PrideTV Highlight: Out in the Silence: Out in the Silence tackles homophobia in rural towns head-on, and it's available to watch free on PrideTV's ‘Freemium’ portal.