Held hostage by my family for being gay: After a debilitating accident, Michael was forced to return to his small town. What followed was years of emotional torture by his parents because he is gay.
How body image ideals shape the health of gay men: There's little research about gay men's eating disorders and body image concerns but it's clear they're expected to live up to the western ideal of a muscular and fat free body.
This young queer entrepreneur from the EC won’t be deterred by homophobia: Starting a business can be quite challenging. It can be even more difficult for the queer entrepreneur who is marginalised or living in environments that constantly make them feel unwelcome.
Opinion | Why I’m on PrEP: How many stories have you heard of people confronted with HIV when their ‘committed' partners confess that they’ve cheated? PrEP is one way of making sure that when you say, “It will never happen to me”, you’re telling the truth.
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As Told To | My abusive initiation experience still haunts me: "I felt so violated. So abused." Siyabonga, a gender non-conforming individual from the rural Eastern Cape, tells us about their traumatic initiation experience.
Opinion | How do we start healing in the New Year?: As LGBTQ South Africans we experience the double whammy of fractured race relations and the trauma we face for being queer. It is time for healing.
An open letter to Jack Parow: "It is not just a word, it is a violent word. My father’s fist when I was 12-years-old attests to that." Hendrik Baird writes that Jack Parow's apology for his homophobic meme is just not good enough.
As Told To | How drag queen culture saved my life: Draq queen culture has been a creative and empowering outlet for many in the LGBTQ+ community. For Tevin Tobias from PE, Dakota Demure gave him a newfound confidence to face the world like a superstar.
In Pictures: MCQP’s Drag Race mega-party: The annual MCQP mega-costume party took over the Cape Town stadium on Saturday under the theme of 'Drag Race'.
Why Tumblr’s ban on adult content is bad for LGBTQ youth: Tumber's new ban on adult content is a blow to LGBTQ youth and is likely driven by commercial imperatives rather than concern for its users.
Opinion | The not so festive season for the queers: For many young South African queers, the festive season can be a tough time, alienated from family and feeling lonely and rejected, writes Motlatsi Motseoile.
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18 Fascinating Facts about Freddie Mercury: Thanks to the hit film Bohemian Rhapsody, the world is once again celebrating the amazing life and talent of the legendary Freddie Mercury.
B*tch Makoya: Humanising queer life and death: A powerful new short documentary, B*tch Makoya, about the murder of Kagiso Maema is helping to bring the consequences of anti-queer hate crimes to life.
Opinion | Dealing with my ‘Dis-Moffie-Ja’: I look in the mirror and there’s a knot in my stomach because of the bit of padding that I see
The 2018 Feather Awards In Pictures: The 2018 Feather Awards was a spectacular night of fun and glamour, celebrating allies, achievers and pioneers of African LGBTQ rights.
Kewpie: understanding what it meant to be queer in District Six under apartheid: An exhibition about Kewpie, the late drag artist and hairdresser from Cape Town’s District Six, is also a window into the lives of the area's queer community during the apartheid era.