Opinion | The news headline should have screamed ‘Murder’: It's reported that Uganda plans to introduce a bill that will impose the death penalty on LGBTQ people. Siya Khumalo looks at the religious basis for the proposed law and says South Africa must speak out against this injustice.
In Pictures: The faces of Pretoria Pride 2019: An estimated close to 10,000 people gathered at the Centurion Rugby Club on Saturday to mark the 7th annual Pretoria Pride.
In pictures: 2019 Pretoria Pride Parade: The 2019 Pretoria Pride parade saw members of the LGBTQ+ community and its allies taking to the streets of Centurion on Saturday to celebrate their sexual and gender identity.
Costa Carastavrakis is living his best (gay) life: Bullied, hijacked, addicted to drugs and toxic relationships, and violated. Costa Carastavrakis has written an inspiring book about overcoming stigma, shame and substance abuse.
In pictures: The faces of Soweto Pride 2019: Celebrating 15 years of activism, Soweto Pride 2019 took place on Saturday 28 September in Orlando to celebrate diverse sexualities and gender identities.
2019 Soweto Pride March in pictures: Saturday's Soweto Pride 2019 march was a defiant demonstration of LGBTQ+ identity and unity in the streets of Orlando.
Are gay relationships less stable?: Gay relationships have traditionally been seen as less stable than straight ones but just how true is this perception? Not at all, it turns out.
Getroud Met Rugby’s first same-sex wedding on an Afrikaans soapie: Getroud Met Rugby (Married to Rugby) has broken new ground on South African TV by recently broadcasting the first same-sex interracial wedding on an Afrikaans soapie.
Gay dating | A man is a man is a man, right?: Men come in varied sexualities and identities, so why should cisgender gay men only date other cisgender gay men, asks Motlatsi Motseoile.
This gay ballet dancer’s struggle with his sangoma calling: Zuko Mnukwa, a 27-year-old from Cape Town, says his calling to become a sangoma caused him to sacrifice his dream of dancing ballet, resulting in him having a love-hate relationship with his spiritual vocation.
The best LGBTQ books released this year (so far): Readers, gather round! If you’ve been salivating after LGBTQ books you can really sink your teeth into, look no further – here are some of the most exciting local and international reads 2019 has offered up so far.
Stop calling it a choice: Biological factors drive homosexuality: Across cultures, 2% to 10% of people report having same-sex relations. In the
So what is internalised homophobia – and do I have it?: The phenomenon of internalised homophobia is becoming increasingly recognised as a barrier to LGBTQI health and happiness. So what is it and how do we deal with it?
Report exposes global reach of conversion therapy: A groundbreaking report has exposed the global reach of so-called conversion therapy, the discredited and dangerous practice of trying to change LGBTQ sexuality or gender identity.
Opinion | We cannot microwave social change: It is important that we develop a creative morality, which places inclusion, rather than exclusion, as the default approach around public discourse.
This is how Justice Edwin Cameron changed South Africa: Justice Edwin Cameron is one of South Africa’s most influential queer icons. As he prepares to step down from the Constitutional Court we look at how he has profoundly changed our country for the better.
Gay dating | Can we hope for intimacy and commitment?: As I recently left the home of yet another man I’d met on the yellow app, I wondered if this is all there is for us. Does intimacy exist in this era of let’s meet for momentary pleasure?
Global HIV/AIDS update: Gay and other MSM still at high risk: Stigma and discrimination are holding back gay and other MSM from accessing HIV services, while PrEP needs to be rolled out more widely, says UNAIDS in a new report.
Queer groups to reach out to if you need help: While we have come a very long way as far as our rights are concerned, members of the LGBTQ community remain a vulnerable group.
Gay dating | An open letter to single gay men: In this heartfelt personal account of some of the frustrating experiences he's endured as a single man in the modern gay dating world, Andrew Barry asks why we as gay men often treat each other so badly.