Acclaimed drag reality show ‘We’re Here’ now on Showmax: The Emmy-nominated drag reality show We’re Here is now streaming, gleaming and glamming up the screen in South Africa on Showmax.
Defying censors and the law, ‘Ìfé’ breaks new ground in Nollywood: The team behind the upcoming Nigerian film Ìfé are putting their safety at risk by defiantly releasing a Nollywood movie about lesbian love.
Music | New releases from Sam Smith & Armand Joubert: There's satisfying new pop music out from international and local queer musos, Sam Smith and Armand Joubert.
Somizi accused of ‘stealing’ cooking show concept: LGBTQ entertainer Somizi Mhlongo is embroiled in a plagiarism row over claims that he "stole" the idea for his popular Dinner at Somizi's show.
Drag diva Manila von Teez honoured in M&G 200 Young South Africans list: Cape Town's Manila von Teez is thought to be the first drag star to be included in the Mail & Guardian's 200 Young South Africans list.
Oscars push for racial, gender and queer inclusion: Contenders for the Best Picture category at the annual Oscars will have to show meaningful racial, gender and LGBTQ representation and inclusion to quality for the award, arguably the most prestigious in the film world.
Covid, couture & seasonal fashion trends: We speak to Leon Haasbroek: As we move into spring, MambaOnline spoke to fashion publicist Leon Haasbroek to pick his brain about the world of couture in the face of the pandemic, and how the move to online marketing is likely to influence this space.
Star Trek unveils its first trans and non-binary characters: Season three of Star Trek: Discovery is going where no Star Trek has gone before, with the franchise’s first non-binary and transgender characters, in a show that already includes a same-sex couple.
Lasizwe | South Africans are not happy with same-sex love: In a candid Q&A, openly gay social media and reality TV star Lasizwe Dambuza opens up about his dating life, career and the backlash he faced for speaking out on LGBTQ equality.
Strictly Come Dancing reveals first same-sex couple contestant: Former Olympic boxing champion Nicola Adams will be the first celebrity contestant to be paired with a same-sex dancing partner in Strictly Come Dancing UK.
Sade Giliberti | We’re just people who want to love freely: Sade Giliberti is one of SA's most iconic openly queer personalities, having grown up with millions of teens on television.
Lasizwe’s kids and LGBTQ inclusion tweet sparks homophobic backlash: Lasizwe is taking no prisoners when it comes to homophobia. And bigots on social media are outraged that he's called for children to be educated about LGBTQ lives.
Queer culture | Miloh Ramai’s ghostly new single, The Stranger: South African LGBTQ+ artist Miloh Ramai has dropped his new supernatural track, called The Stranger, inspired by ghost tales and movies.
Imraan Vagar on why it took him “so long” to come out: The LGBTQ community puts immense pressure on queer celebrities to come out to the public. Television personality Imraan Vagar reveals why it took him so long to take that step.
RuPaul’s Drag Race star Chi Chi DeVayne passes away: Popular former RuPaul's Drag Race star Chi Chi DeVayne - the stage name of Zavion Davenport - has tragically died at the young age of 34.
Celebrating the art of drag: Cape Town's annual ABFAB DRAG show is back as part of the 2020 virtual edition of the Artscape Women’s Humanity Arts Festival - and you can watch it for free online.
Ellen says she’s not mean, just an introvert: An embattled Ellen DeGeneres has told her staff that she is an introvert and that this may result in some people thinking that she is mean.
Film | LGBTQ+ activists fight for gun control after Pulse massacre: Disarm Hate is a new documentary that seeks to create awareness about gun violence against the LGBTQ+ community following the 2016 Pulse Nightclub massacre in Orlando, Florida.
New Afrikaans YA novel breaks ground with first-ever lesbian main character: A newly released local young adult novel is breaking new ground by featuring a lesbian main character – a first for this genre in Afrikaans.
Beyoncé | 5 ways in which Queen Bey’s been the ultimate LGBTQI ally: Beyoncé is one of the LGBTQ community's most influential and adored divas. Here are five times Queen Bey's used her platform to show her support for our inclusion, equality and celebration.