Latheem rebrands as Jason Orpheus, unveils new single “Ghost”


Latheem will now be known under the name of Jason Orpheus

Out Cape Town singer-songwriter, Latheem, has undergone a transformative rebranding and emerged with a new identity as Jason Orpheus, coinciding with the release of his latest single, Ghost.

Having earned accolades under the stage name Latheem since 2017, the award-winning artist explained that the decision to rebrand stemmed from the profound impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, subsequent lockdowns, the loss of loved ones, and a period of personal turbulence.

In a statement, he expressed, “I really felt that after the Covid pandemic, nothing was the same anymore. I wasn’t the same anymore. And I didn’t feel I was the same artist anymore either. I felt Jason Orpheus had been forged out of the fires of loss and struggle, and better reflected who I was now as an artist.”

Debut Single Ghost – A Haunting Musical Journey

Ghost marks Jason Orpheus’s inaugural release under his new identity and is characterised as a haunting pop composition infused with elements of funk and soul.

Reflecting on the creative process, he shared, “I found myself writing something emotional and reflective. I was haunted by so much, and I needed that to come through.”

Jason’s musical journey began at a young age, singing at eight and composing songs by sixteen. Proficient in playing the guitar and violin, his soulful voice has been likened to a fusion of “Alanis Morissette meets Tracy Chapman.”

A Musical Odyssey

Jason Orpheus’s musical prowess has led him to notable achievements, including performing for the Mayor of Stockholm and sharing the stage with renowned headliners like Nakhane, Zolani Mahola, Matthew Gold, Craig Lucas, and Jimmy Nevis. His single Human Being was chosen as the official anthem for Pretoria Pride in 2017.

Looking ahead, Jason has revealed plans to incorporate the violin into his live performances, adding another layer to his musical repertoire.

Ghost is now available on all major streaming services, inviting listeners to embark on this new chapter in Jason Orpheus’s artistic evolution.

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