Die Stropers (The Harvesters) – The Mamba Review: Die Stropers (The Harvesters) - the latest acclaimed queer film to come out of South Africa - is a moody and unsettling meditation on family, secrets and identity.
Online help for African LGBTIQ asylum seekers in South Africa: A new online platform to assist African LGBTIQ asylum seekers in the many challenges of securing refuge in South Africa has been launched.
Dance: The Rise of the African Queer: A new show by South African queer performance artist Kieron Jina at Dance Umbrella Africa in Pretoria next month will highlight gender non-conforming issues and the ascendance of African art.
Free State Pride 2019 will celebrate LGBTIQ+ lives: The 7th Free State Pride Parade will take place on Saturday 23 March in Bloemfontein, under the theme of "Our Pride, Our Lives."
“Your own special creation” – Sam Smith on being non-binary genderqueer: Sam Smith has revealed that he doesn't consider himself male or female and that he's been plagued by body shaming issues all his life.
Could PrEP become a long-lasting injection instead of a daily pill?: Researchers are conducting an injectable PrEP trial in Cape Town that could revolutionise the way that we protect ourselves from HIV.
LGBTIQ+ village at Constitution Hill’s Human Rights Festival: Constitution Hill and leading human rights organisations have come together to present the second edition of the Constitution Hill Human Rights Festival.
Jussie Smollett ordered by judge to attend his trial: Empire actor Jussie Smollett has been ordered to attend each day of his trial by the judge overseeing his case or face re-arrest.
Botswana LGBTI community fights for freedom in court: A landmark legal case challenging the ban on homosexuality in Botswana was heard in the High Court on Thursday.
LGBTQ Equality Act introduced in US Congress: In 2019, LGBTQ Americans in 30 states can still be fired, evicted or refused service simply because of who they love or their gender identity.
Opinion | Why court ruled against Dutch Reformed Church in same-sex marriage case: Pierre De Vos writes on why the High Court ruled against the Dutch Reformed Church in a same-sex marriage case and what it may mean for other churches.
Trump administration to start transgender military purge in April: In a reversal for LGBTQ equality in the United States, the Trump administration has officially instructed the armed forced to begin discharging transgender military service members from 12 April.
So is gaydar a real thing?: We’ve all been there. You’re wandering the mall, when your eye catches theirs and you just kind of know that they must be queer. So how real is what we call, ‘gaydar’?
Anti-LGBTQ Christian groups condemn Dutch Reformed Church ruling: Anti-LGBTQ Christians are outraged that the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC, also known as the NG Kerk) has been ordered to stop discriminating against same-sex couples and queer clergy.
LGBTQ South Africans are standing up and making an impact: From Zanele Muholi to Caster Semenya, LGBTQ South Africans are among the country's most influential people, reveals two recent reports.
Beyoncé and Jay-Z to be honoured for promoting LGBTQ acceptance: Superstars Beyoncé and Jay-Z will be awarded for their LGBTQ allyship at the 30th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles later this month.
Confronting tradition and masculinity in heels – Bongani Njalo: Artist Bongani Njalo performed his provocative piece Abafana Abafani ('boys are not the same') in Port Elizabeth last month. We spoke to him about homophobia, masculinity and the censoring of the film Inxeba.
WQMD – a new web series about coming out the closet: Coming out the “closet” is different for everyone. WQMD - We’re Queer My Dear - is a new online series launching in April 2019 and premiering on MambaOnline, that aims to help you live your best queer life.
4.5% of adults in the United States identify as LGBT: A comprehensive study offers a snapshot of the LGBT community in the United States, estimating that 4.5% of adults, approximately 11.3 million people, identify as LGBT.
Huge victory! Dutch Reformed Church homophobia declared unconstitutional: In stunning ruling, the High Court in Pretoria has ordered the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC, also known as the NG Kerk) to stop discriminating against same-sex couples and queer clergy.