History made as LGBTIQ+ Pride comes to Robben Island (Photos): For the first time, the rainbow flag has been flown on Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years.
Cape Town activists protest at opening of LGBTIQ+ conference: The Kopano LGBTQI+ gathering currently taking place in Cape Town has come under fire over a reception for the delegates hosted by the City.
Gauteng lesbian murdered in suspected hate crime: In suspected hate crime, the mutilated body of a lesbian woman who'd been missing for a week was found in Vereeniging after a desperate search by her family.
Age-appropriate ways of discussing queer identities with kids: Many parents might be unsure how to address diverse attractions, gender and queer identities with their kids. Here's some useful advice.
Queer Books: Lesser Violence – Volume 1: Lesser Violence is a new collection of essays and creative non-fiction exploring responses to gendered and sexualised violence in South Africa.
I Knew Sheila Lumumba: Here Is My Story: In a moving tribute, Kenyan activist Denis Nzioka writes about his friend, Sheila Lumumba, a non-binary lesbian who was murdered in Nairobi.
UK issues first LGBTQ+ coin to mark 50 years of Pride: In what may be a world first, Britain's Royal Mint has unveiled a commemorative 50 pence LGBTQ+ coin celebrating 50 years of Pride in the UK.
Nakhane: “I’m connected to this land”: As Nakhane prepared to return home after more than two years overseas, we caught up with the queer, multi-talented South African star.
OUT offers support to queer dating app victims: Gauteng-based OUT LGBT Well-being is offering support and advice to the growing numbers of victims of gay dating app extortionists.
UK footballer Jake Daniels comes out as gay: In a major development in British football, 17-year-old Jake Daniels has become the UK's only openly gay active male professional footballer.
Another LGBTIQ+ life snuffed out in suspected hate crime: A 22-year-old queer individual's life has reportedly been cut short in Khayelitsha, Cape Town in another suspected LGBTIQ+ hate crime murder.
Delay in lesbian murder case as Khayelitsha court runs out of paper: The trial of the man accused of murdering 24-year-old lesbian Phelokazi Mqathanya been postponed again, this time because the court ran out of paper.
Documentarian and activist talks climate anxiety and homophobia: Award-winning documentarian and Greenpeace activist Angelo Louw says his anxiety about the climate crisis is similar to growing up gay.
How the war in Ukraine is transforming the LGBTQ+ rights landscape in Europe: For LGBTQ+ rights activists in Ukraine, a Russian victory is an existential threat to both the country's sovereignty and the rights of LGBTQ+ people.
Queer Books | Alistair Mackay on his dazzling debut novel: Capetonian Alistair Mackay talks about writing his stunning new dystopian-sci-fi queer novel, It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way.
Grindr to be listed on stock exchange: Grindr, the world's leading queer dating app, is set to become a publicly-traded company overseen by a predominantly LGBTQ+ board.
Bloody Freedom Day gay hate crime killing of KZN man: As President Ramaphosa lauded South Africa's LGBTIQ rights on Freedom Day, yet another queer person was being murdered in a suspected hate crime in Durban.
Back to Africa: Cape Town to host ILGA World Conference 2024: Cape Town has been named the host city for the 2024 ILGA World Conference, one of the globe's largest LGBTIQ+ rights gatherings.
Africa | Alarm at rise in LGBTIQ+ murders: African activists have highlighted three recent LGBTIQ+ murders and called on the authorities to act to stem hate killings on the continent.
US abortion right repeal: Is same-sex marriage next?: With the US Supreme Court on the verge of repealing the right to abortion, there are fears that same-sex marriage could be next.