SA Groups Urge SA Government to Condemn Ghana Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill: More than 20 LGBTIQ+ groups in South Africa condemn Ghana's Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill and call on the South African government to break its silence.
Baring it All Online – South African OnlyFans Creator Kevin: South African Kevin Kat is steaming up X and OnlyFans with his risqué content. We spoke to him about his mission to challenge societal taboos.
Bisexuality is better depicted in TV than film, where it’s still linked to ‘transgression’: While more films and TV shows now feature more queer characters than ever before, bisexuality has struggled for visibility, notably in film.
US Psychological Association Backs Gender-affirming Care for Transgender Youth: The American Psychological Association adopts a landmark policy supporting evidence-based care for transgender children and adolescents.
Dark Day for Africa as Ghana Votes to Make Being LGBTIQ Illegal: The queer community in Ghana has been plunged into crisis after MPs passed an appalling bill that will jail people for up to three years, simply for being LGBTIQ.
Ghana: Human Rights Groups Speak Out Against Imminent Anti-LGBTIQ+ Bill: In a last-ditch united show of opposition, a coalition of human rights groups has urged the Parliament of Ghana to reconsider its imminent passage of an anti-LGBTIQ+ bill.
All the Details: 2024 Cape Town Pride Parade & Mardi Gras: Thousands are expected to participate in the annual 2024 Cape Town Pride Parade and Mardi Gras this Saturday 2nd March.
Queer Dating: The Crotch Shot Conundrum: It seems like everyone's sharing selfies of their crotch candy these days. Bruce J Little looks at the ins and outs and etiquette of dick pics.
Jacob Zuma Doubles Down on Election Homophobia: South Africa's former President, Jacob Zuma, has again targeted the LGBTIQ+ community, describing same-sex relationships as a disgrace.
Grindr Comes Face-to-Face with SA Grindr Gang Attack Survivors: Grindr has met with survivors of the ongoing brutal attacks by a Grindr Gang syndicate targeting LGBTIQ+ South Africans to hear their stories.
Limpopo Education Dept Affirms Commitment to LGBTQI+ Learners: While downplaying discrimination against a trans learner, the Limpopo Education Department commits to safer schools for LGBTQI+ learners.
Namibia: Alleged Rape Incident Used to Attack LGBTIQ+ Community: A controversy has erupted in Namibia after the alleged rape of a teenager by a politician was weaponised against the LGBTIQ+ community.
Queer Focus at 2024 Joburg Film Festival: The 2024 Joburg Film Festival features a lineup of over 60 titles from local and international filmmakers, including several queer films.
Residence Accused of Discriminating Against Transgender Wits Student: Wits LGBTIQ+ student group filles a complaint with the SA Human Rights Commission against a residence for discriminating against a trans student.
Limpopo LGBTIQ+ Learner Bullied and Denied Education Over Gender Identity: Another incident has come to light concerning the mistreatment of an LGBTIQ+ learner who's been bullied and denied the right to education.
Open Letter To The Vice President Of Zimbabwe: Cde Chiwenga: Zimbabwean researcher Saymore Masaisai responds to the recent shocking statement by the Vice President of Zimbabwe condemning an LGBTIQ+ scholarship.
Inclusive Love Mural Unveiled For Cape Town Pride: A striking street mural by South African artist Elléna Lourens has been unveiled in Cape Town during the annual Cape Town Pride festival.
Queer Faith: The Grace in You and Around You: While the fight for inclusivity in religious institutions is key, it's crucial to recognise that true belonging and grace resides within us.
Caribbean: Court Upholds Same-Sex Intimacy Ban in St Vincent and the Grenadines: In a blow to the Caribbean LGBTIQ+ community, the High Court in St Vincent and the Grenadines rejects a bid to legalise same-sex intimacy.
Zimbabwe: Government Launches Scathing Anti-LGBTIQ+ Attack: The government of Zimbabwe has launched a scathing attack, labelling LGBTIQ+ individuals deviants who should be denied education.