Meet the Mr Gay World South Africa finalists: The final 12 competitors in the Mr Gay World South Africa contest have been revealed. Who will go on to take the crown?
Even in death Jon Qwelane is putting LGBTIQ+ lives at risk: Months after his death, Jon Qwelane's homophobia is still having a deadly impact on the lives of LGBTIQ+ people in South Africa by delaying the Hate Crimes Bill.
Elliot Page tells Oprah his life has changed since coming out as trans: In his first TV interview since coming out as transgender, Elliot Page has told Oprah about the joy he's experienced living authentically.
Uganda passes new anti-homosexuality law to further criminalise gay people: The Parliament of Uganda has passed a new anti-gay bill that tightens the country's existing ban on sex between people of the same sex.
Hate crimes crisis | Promising LGBTIQ+ chef Phelokazi Mqathana murdered: Phelokazi Mqathana, an aspiring young chef, is the latest LGBTIQ+ person murdered in a wave of hate crime violence gripping South Africa.
Gay refugees denied asylum by Home Affairs bigotry – report: A new report confirms that LGBT refugees are being denied asylum in South Africa despite being “eligible for protection under international and domestic law”.
Hate crime crisis | Lucky Motshabi is 7th LGBTIQ+ person murdered: The LGBTIQ+ hate crime body count continues to rise with the brutal murder of 31-year-old Lucky Motshabi in Limpopo.
US | More bi and gay teen boys coming out than before: Bisexual and gay teen boys in the US are far more comfortable being open about their sexuality compared to those in previous generations.
Switzerland to vote on reversing same-sex marriage law: Switzerland, viewed as one of the world's most socially progressive nations, is set to vote on reversing recent same-sex marriage legislation.
Shenay O’Brien imagines a world without LGBTIQA+ hate: Singer Shenay O’Brien is speaking out against LGBTIQA+ hate through music, releasing a powerful cover of John Lennon's iconic 1971 song Imagine.
Anzio Jacobs | No cause for celebration, we are not all free: Anzio Jacobs writes that actions like Monday's LGBTQIA+ hate crimes protest need to be fueled by a willingness for ALL of us to participate.
Siya Khumalo | LGBTI People Are Already Being Killed Over B-BBEE — But Do We Realize This?: Corruption and the murders of LGBTI people are connected and can be addressed using B-BBEE to challenge hegemonic power, writes Siya Khumalo.
Ramaphosa | SA “should be deeply ashamed” of LGBTIQ+ hate murders: President Ramaphosa has finally condemned the recent rise in LGBTIQ+ hate crime murders, doing so in his Freedom Day address.
ACDPs warped and inhuman Christian values: So much for Christian values! Instead of crying out against LGBTIQ+ murders, the ACDP has chosen to protest against inclusion in schools.
Lyle Anthony celebrates love and inclusion: South African Popstars winner Lyle Anthony, who’s now living in Lost Angeles, has dropped a new queer-affirming music video for his single, My Forever.
Everything you need to know about pansexuality: Stars like Janelle Monae, Miley Cyrus and Brendon Urie are proud of their pansexuality. So what does it mean and could that describe your sexuality?
LGBTIQ+ hate crimes crisis update: As the President remains silent, pressure grows on the government to take action against LGBTIQ+ hate crimes. Here's an update on the crisis.
Parliament must explain Hate Crimes Bill delay: The Hate Crimes Working Group says that Parliament and the Minister of Justice must explain the delays in passing the Hate Crimes Bill.
LGBTIQ+ community demands President Ramaphosa condemns hate murders: The LGBTIQ+ community has united in calling for President Ramaphosa and all South Africans to stand up to queerphobia and hate.
YouTube closes African channel promoting televangelist’s violent ‘conversion therapy’: Nigerian televangelist Pastor TB Joshua conducts violent exorcisms to ‘cure’ gays and lesbians by casting out “the demon of homosexuality”.