GALZ: Forging the path to LGBTQIA+ economic development in Zimbabwe: GALZ's focus over the next five years will be on LGBTQIA+ economic development in Zimbabwe, says Program Manager Samuel Matsikure.
Queertopia returns to Victoria Yards: The Queertopia festival is back to raise the Queertopia flag again this December 10th and 11th at Victoria Yards in Johannesburg.
Russia tightens grip on LGBTQ+ community: Lawmakers in Russia are set on further restricting freedom of expression regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.
Simon Nkoli’s fight for queer rights in South Africa is finally being celebrated – 24 years after he died: Gibson Ncube looks at the legacy of Simon Nkoli, whose activism helped ensure that queer rights were enshrined in the Bill of Rights.
Jeweller refuses to sell engagement ring to same-sex couple: Craig Marks, a Cape Town-based online jeweller, has again been accused of refusing to sell engagement rings to same-sex couples because of the owner's Christian beliefs.
Club Q killer’s dad is “relieved” his son’s not gay: The Club Q gunman's father's unbelievable first reaction on hearing about his son's killing spree was the fear that his son might be gay.
Queer love in The Valley of a Thousand Hills: The Valley of a Thousand Hills is a powerful South African queer love story about a lesbian couple in the rural heartland of KwaZulu-Natal.
Victims of the Colorado LGBTQ+ club shooting remembered: Police have released the identities of the five people murdered in cold blood in the horrific LGBTQ+ club shooting in Colorado.
Eight out and proud male gay footballers: Out male gay footballers are still a rarity today. Here are eight of some of the most well-known out-and-proud soccer players.
FIFA forces teams to drop ‘One Love’ LGBTIQ armband: FIFA has scuppered plans by nine European countries to show their support for LGBTIQ rights by wearing the 'One Love' armband at the World Cup in Qatar.
LGBTIQ+ learners at risk in South Africa as conservative Christian groups fight plans for safer schools: Advocacy groups in South Africa are intensifying efforts to prevent the country’s education department from creating safer environments for LGBTIQ+ learners.
Two heroes saved others in Colorado LGBTQ+ club shooting: It's been revealed that two "heroic" individuals fought and subdued the man who opened fire in an LGBTQ+ nightclub in Colorado, killing five people.
Why did kykNET give LGBTIQ+ hate preacher Oscar Bougardt a platform?: Why did a Kyknet talk show give LGBTIQ+ hate pastor Oscar Bougardt a platform to air his dangerous views on national television?
Five killed in US gay nightclub shooting: An attacker has killed five people and injured others in a shooting in a Colorado Springs gay nightclub in the US state of Colorado.
Anxiety can lead to erection problems in young men – Viagra isn’t always the solution: People think of erection problems as something that affects older men but it's estimated that up to half of affected men are in their 30s.
PwC: Shining a light on LGBT+ diversity and inclusion: PwC, the global accounting giant, has become a leader in unlocking the value of LGBT+ inclusion and diversity in the workplace.
Civil society responds to dangerous panic over “unisex” school toilets: More than 40 LGBTIQ+ and allied organisations are speaking out against alarmist disinformation campaigns over "unisex toilets" in schools.
America’s rainbow wave elections: A record-breaking rainbow wave saw hundreds of out LGBTQ candidates winning the public's vote in the recent US general elections.
New LGBTIQ+ school guidelines: What’s actually being proposed: Some media outlets are sensationalising proposed new guidelines that aim to include and affirm LGBTIQ+ school learners. Here's what they really say.
In Pictures: Feather Awards 2022: The #UnfvckenApologetic 14th Feather Awards was a glitzy gathering of LGBTIQ+ changemakers and celebs. Here's our photos of the night!