Patriotic Alliance President Gayton McKenzie tells homophobes to take a hike: Gayton McKenzie, the President of the Patriotic Alliance (PA), has told homophobes and transphobes to join another party.
Search for lesbian Nomvula Chenene ends in tragedy: The remains believed to be of lesbian Nomvula Chenene have been found buried under a shack in Lakeside, near Vereeniging.
Family and friends of murdered Phelokazi Mqathanya unveil mural in Khayelitsha: Activists in Cape Town unveiled a mural honouring murdered lesbian Phelokazi Mqathanya along with a message for her killer.
Anti-Homosexuality Bill: ANC, DA, ActionSA condemn SA’s silence: While the EFF, the DA and ActionSA have condemned Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill, the ANC and the South African government have remained silent.
LGBTIQ+ sports groups slam transgender and intersex athletics ban: LGBTIQ+ sports groups say the new ban on transgender and intersex women participating in international athletics is discriminatory.
SA Archbishop Thabo Makgoba criticises Uganda’s anti-LGBTIQ+ bill: The Anglican Archbishop of Southern Africa, Thabo Makgoba, has urged his Ugandan counterpart to reject that country's anti-LGBTIQ+ bill.
World condemns Uganda’s anti-LGBTIQ+ bill: Human rights organisations and governments around the globe have condemned Uganda's draconian anti-LGBTIQ+ bill passed by lawmakers.
Mr Gay World 2023 will celebrate love in the Mother City: Mr Gay World returns to Cape Town, South Africa for a celebration of love and LGBTQIA+ Pride with two exciting new events from 28 May to 3 June 2023.
Gayle: South Africa’s secret gay language: Gayle, a secret gay language that flourished during apartheid South Africa, is still used by queer and straight people alike.
LGBTQ+ rights: African Union watchdog goes back on its own word: The primary human rights watchdog in Africa recently made a decision to deny a voice to already marginalised LGBTQ+ people on the continent.
Uganda passes horror bill to outlaw LGBTIQ+ people’s existence: Lawmakers in Uganda have voted to criminalise LGBTIQ+ people's very existence under one of the world's most oppressive anti-LGBTIQ+ bills.
Namibia: Supreme Court keeps gay couple’s son in limbo: The child of a same-sex couple in Namibia will remain without citizenship following a devastating ruling by the country's Supreme Court.
Prof Tim Noakes slammed for homophobic cartoon retweet: Professor and author Tim Noakes must explain and apologise for sharing a cartoon on Twitter linking the LGBTQ+ community to paedophiles.
Study: Masc gay men discriminate against fem gay men in the workplace: A new study has found that feminine gay men face implicit discrimination in the workplace, even from masculine gay men.
Uganda anti-LGBTIQ+ bill: Museveni calls gay people “deviants”: As MPs lobby for the passing of a new anti-LGBTIQ+ bill, Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has described gay people as deviants.
‘Healing the Unicorn’ to take queer mental health issues by the horn: The Healing the Unicorn queer mental health project aims to offer support, consciousness-raising and healing to the LGBTQ+ community.
Tennessee’s drag ban rehashes old culture war narratives: Tennessee has passed a law that bans drag from being performed in view of children. So why does the American public suddenly need to be protected from drag?
Adoption of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill welcomed: The passage of the Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill in the National Assembly has been lauded as a major milestone
Becoming returns with the House of Diamonds: Becoming, the groundbreaking SA reality series spotlighting the transgender and queer community, has returned for a second season.
In Pictures: 2023 Cape Town Pride Mardi Gras: The post-parade Cape Town Pride Mardi Gras was once again the colourful climax of the annual Cape Town Pride Festival with its celebration of the rainbow community.