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New Project Tackles Health Needs of Soweto MSM Engaged in Chemsex: A new project aims to improve the well-being of men who have sex with men that engage in chemsex, a group that's often stigmatised.
The Ivan Toms Centre for Health: Providing Comprehensive Sexual Health Services in Cape Town: The Ivan Toms Centre for Health, located in Cape Town, South Africa, is a leading healthcare facility specializing in men's health services.
We Need to Talk About Butt Stuff: As primordial cave paintings and ancient Greek crockery show, we've been doing it forever. So why the stigma and taboo, asks Bruce J Little.
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Africa: Anti-LGBTQI+ laws hamper efforts to combat HIV: In many African countries, anti-gay legislation and LGBTQI+ discrimination have created significant barriers to healthcare access.
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Frisky to risky – HIV and STI risk: When it comes to sex and the risk of HIV and other STIs, it's important to note that the risk level can vary depending on several factors.
Sobering moments at opening of SA AIDS Conference: Amid the festivities during the opening ceremony of the 11th SA AIDS Conference in Durban on Tuesday, there were also several sobering moments.
North West trans community desperate for hormone replacement services: Members of the trans community in the North West province are being forced to travel to Soweto in Gauteng to access hormone replacement therapy.
Queer men’s health: Touching yourself could save your life: Breast cancer and testicular cancer are both conditions that can affect men. So, now might be the perfect time to feel yourself up!
New HIV variant shows urgent need for universal treatment: The discovery of a new fast-spreading HIV variant is highlighting the urgency of ensuring that everyone living with HIV is on treatment.
UK | Rise in extremely drug-resistant Shigella in gay and bi men: Health experts in the UK are advising gay and bi men to take precautions to minimise the risk of Shigella, a sexually transmitted infection.
Top or bottom: Does it define you?: Being top, bottom or versatile are unquestioned roles in gay sex life. But a recent Mamba poll shows that things are a little more complex.
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Breast cancer in men: Ignorance – the No 1 danger: Most men believe that breast cancer only impacts women, leading to many men who are affected being dangerously diagnosed at a later stage.
Injectable PrEP will revolutionise HIV prevention: The FDA's approval of long-acting PrEP injected every two months rather than a daily pill is a major breakthrough in preventing HIV infection.
Queer relationships: The importance of communication: Romantic relationships are often sabotaged by poor communication. Here are some tips to improve your communication skills.
Specialised HIV doctor services offered to MSM in Joburg: The Engage Men's Health clinic in Joburg now offers the services of a MSM-affirming internationally recognised specialist HIV doctor.