Queer groups to reach out to if you need help: While we have come a very long way as far as our rights are concerned, members of the LGBTQ community remain a vulnerable group.
Major step to a cure as HIV is eliminated from mice: In what could be a major step towards curing people of HIV, scientists have for the first time succeeded in totally eradicating the virus from a living animal.
World’s first guidelines on anal sex after prostate cancer: UK doctors and surgeons have formulated what's thought to be the world's first clinical guidance on anal sex before, during, and after diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer.
Joburg has highest number of people living with HIV in SA: More people than ever are living with HIV in South Africa, but this may actually represent a degree of progress in the fight against the virus.
Self-love: Give yourself a hand!: May is International Masturbation Month! While spending some 'me-time' is something most of us do (but don't talk about) did you know it has many benefits?
Parents urged to love their gay children unconditionally: Dumisani Calvin Mabasa was thrown out by his father for being gay and turned to sex work to survive before going on to put himself through school and studying to be a social worker.
Landmark study shows treatment prevents HIV transmission in gay couples: A major eight-year study has confirmed that HIV-positive gay and other men who have sex with men who are on effective HIV treatment cannot transmit the virus through sex.
Seeking perfection: body image among gay and bi men: Body image concerns and body dissatisfaction among men, especially gay and bisexual men, have only recently started to be addressed within society.
Give HIV home test kits to men who have sex with men, say researchers: Giving men who have sex with men (MSM) access to free self-screening HIV kits would increase testing among hard-to-reach groups and help South Africa reach its HIV targets.
STIs facts: What you need to know: Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are a reality and can affect any sexually active individual. Look at some of these facts and familiarise yourself with the symptoms.
It’s time to #GivePrEPaShot: Interested in PrEP!? Don't know what it is or what it's about? Find out more about HPTN083 - the injectable PrEP research study.
Watch: Nakhane’s sex positive message for men who have sex with men: South African singer-songwriter and Inxeba actor Nakhane has urged men who have sex with men (MSM) to enjoy their sex lives but to do so safely.
How do I know if I have an addiction or substance use disorder?: The use of drugs and alcohol has been found to be high in the LGBTQ community by various studies. But how do you know when you are just having fun or actually have a problem that may need some form of treatment?
Me1st encourages men to ‘come out’, in more ways than one: The Me1st campaign is urging men who have sex with men to 'come out' to themselves about their sex lives and to take charge of their health.
Wade Schaerer – No shame about living with HIV: Meet Wade Schaerer, an inspiring HIV positive gay man who refuses to live a life defined by ignorance. He opens up to MambaOnline about coming out as positive to his mom and almost losing his job because of his status.
Could PrEP become a long-lasting injection instead of a daily pill?: Researchers are conducting an injectable PrEP trial in Cape Town that could revolutionise the way that we protect ourselves from HIV.
“A critical moment” as London man is ‘cured’ of HIV: A London patient appears to have been cured of HIV after a bone marrow transplant from a donor with a special genetic mutation.
Sickened by stigma: Queer link to weight: Women who are attracted to women are more at risk of obesity while gay men tend to be underweight, according to breaking research from the United Kingdom suggesting experiencing stigma is to blame.
Phumlani Kango: Flying the flag for the PrEP generation: With more than 20,000 followers, writer and content creator Phumlani Kango is using social media as a platform to promote the use of PrEP to men who have sex with men (MSM) in South Africa.
Dramatic increase in HIV testing among men who have sex with men.: Health NGO Right to Care says that its Me1st campaign has reached over 10-million men in South Africa since it was launched in November last year.