‘Protect trans kids’: calls to bar Cape Town doctor from psychiatric practice: UCT says that an "internal process" is underway over claims that one of its psychiatry students has advocated for transgender conversion therapy.
Watch it here! WQMD Season 2 Ep 1 – HIV Awareness: WQMD is back with Season 2! In the 1st episode, the team meet HIV activist Wade Schraerer and discuss HIV stigma, treatment and prevention.
The first person cured of HIV has died: Timothy Ray Brown, the openly gay man who became the first person to be completely cured of HIV, has died of leukaemia.
People remain blind due to outdated gay cornea donation ban: Desperately-needed donated corneas from gay and bisexual men are being thrown away instead of used to help thousands of people to restore their eyesight.
LGBT community still faces public healthcare discrimination in South Africa: 25% of LGBTQ South Africans say they've been subjected to moral and religious-based lectures by public health staff when disclosing their sexuality and/or gender identity.
Why is everyone talking about PrEP?: You’ve probably heard a friend talk about taking PrEP, or maybe you’ve seen a few posts on your Twitter feed about it. Here's what you need to know.
Young gay men’s health care needs not being met: Young gay men who are uncomfortable discussing sexual issues with their health care providers are less likely to seek coordinated care, leading to missed opportunities for early diagnosis of chronic and mental health issues.
Why men feel uncomfortable being tested for STIs: Many guys find the idea of a sexual health check awkward or embarrassing. After all, it’s not every day someone you barely know asks you intimate details about your sex life.
Gay and bi men say they’re having less casual sex during Covid-19 pandemic: Gay and bi men (GBM) in Australia and South Africa appear to be heeding public health advice and having less casual sex with other men due to COVID-19 physical distancing measures.
OUT LGBT Well-being and TEN81 clinic are on the move: OUT LGBT Well-being, one of SA’s oldest LGBTQ organisations, and its groundbreaking TEN81 clinic have moved to an exciting new location in Pretoria.
Homophobic ‘alien DNA’ doctor’s Covid-19 video goes viral: Dr Stella Immanuel, a homophobic doctor and preacher, has found global infamy after appearing in a dangerous viral video claiming that there is already a cure for Covid-19.
Horror axe attack highlights same-sex domestic violence: A Limpopo woman who was hacked with an axe by her wife is highlighting the rarely discussed issue of domestic violence in LGBTIQ relationships.
Criminalising gay sex increases risk of HIV: It's been shown that men who have sex with men (MSM) living in African countries that outlaw gay sex are at far higher risk of HIV infection.
Queer health is worth discussion year-round: A new health calendar, created with a diverse array of queer health needs in mind, is set to open the conversation about health and wellness in LGBTQI communities.
Inxeba Lam aims to name the wounds so they can start to heal: A new campaign called Inxeba Lam is thought to be one of the first South African initiatives highlighting the deep damage caused by conversion therapy.
The struggles of lesbian parents using sperm donors: Lesbian parents in South Africa may face legal challenges and expenses not experienced by opposite-sex parents. So is it justified red tape or is it homophobic discrimination?
Sexual health | Older, not colder: Getting older doesn't mean you can't have a fulfilling sex and love life, but it does mean that you should be aware of and manage your health and well-being to stay in tip-top shape!
Larry Kramer, one of the world’s LGBTQ icons, has died: Fiery playwright and activist Larry Kramer, who played a huge role in taking on the HIV/AIDS crisis that devasted America's LGBTQ community, has passed away.
Masturbation Month: 6 reasons why self-love is good for you: “May has come and so should you”, proclaims the official Masturbation Month website; a message that has special resonance during this era of social distancing and coronavirus lockdowns. 
“Gamechanger” PrEP injection more effective than daily pills: Scientists say that a new injection administered every two months is more effective at preventing HIV among gay/bi men and trans women than the traditional daily PrEP pill.