How do I know if I have an addiction or substance use disorder?: The use of drugs and alcohol has been found to be high in the LGBTQ community by various studies. But how do you know when you are just having fun or actually have a problem that may need some form of treatment?
Me1st encourages men to ‘come out’, in more ways than one: The Me1st campaign is urging men who have sex with men to 'come out' to themselves about their sex lives and to take charge of their health.
Wade Schaerer – No shame about living with HIV: Meet Wade Schaerer, an inspiring HIV positive gay man who refuses to live a life defined by ignorance. He opens up to MambaOnline about coming out as positive to his mom and almost losing his job because of his status.
Could PrEP become a long-lasting injection instead of a daily pill?: Researchers are conducting an injectable PrEP trial in Cape Town that could revolutionise the way that we protect ourselves from HIV.
“A critical moment” as London man is ‘cured’ of HIV: A London patient appears to have been cured of HIV after a bone marrow transplant from a donor with a special genetic mutation.
Sickened by stigma: Queer link to weight: Women who are attracted to women are more at risk of obesity while gay men tend to be underweight, according to breaking research from the United Kingdom suggesting experiencing stigma is to blame.
Phumlani Kango: Flying the flag for the PrEP generation: With more than 20,000 followers, writer and content creator Phumlani Kango is using social media as a platform to promote the use of PrEP to men who have sex with men (MSM) in South Africa.
Dramatic increase in HIV testing among men who have sex with men.: Health NGO Right to Care says that its Me1st campaign has reached over 10-million men in South Africa since it was launched in November last year.
“Homosexuality not a disease”: German health minister wants to ban conversion therapy: Germany could become the next country to consider banning the practice of so-called conversion therapy which misguidedly aims to 'cure' LGBTQ people.
Inner Peace | LGBTQ people and alcohol and drug use treatment: LGBTQ individuals are more likely to experience substance use issues. Inner Peace is a unique treatment facility that understands and embraces our community.
Children from same-sex families do better at school: An extensive study of the Netherlands has found that kids raised by same-sex families tend to outperform their peers in primary and secondary school.
Nakhane: Desire does not equal identity: With a career that's verging on the stratospheric, Nakhane spoke to MambaOnline about sexuality, the impact of Inxeba on South Africa and why he's just signed on as a Me1st ambassador.
Me1st campaign yielding results and saving lives: The new Me1st campaign aimed at providing HIV, STI and TB screening and support to Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) is yielding excellent results.
Dozens attended historic first Hammanskraal Pride: Despite a rainy and cloudy start to the day, around 150 people made history by taking part in the first-ever Hammanskraal Pride in December last year.
Me1st campaign to continue into the new year: Following its successful launch last year, the Me1st campaign will continue to help men who have sex with men (MSM) put their health and well-being first.
Most gay dads continue to face stigma for being parents: Being a parent is not easy but it's even harder for same-sex parents faced with an unfriendly community, says a new study of gay dads.
Opinion | Why I’m on PrEP: How many stories have you heard of people confronted with HIV when their ‘committed' partners confess that they’ve cheated? PrEP is one way of making sure that when you say, “It will never happen to me”, you’re telling the truth.
Your health | Don’t panic this festive season with the Me1st partners: If you're in Bloemfontein, Kimberley, East London and Durban over the festive season, these Me1st Campaign partners will be providing HIV and sexual health services for gay, bi and other MSM.
The Me1st campaign wants to make a difference in the lives of MSM: The new Me1st sexual health campaign aims to create awareness and address issues that the MSM (men who have sex with men) community face, such as discrimination and stigma when seeking help in the healthcare sector.
ME1st campaign heads for East London: The ME1st campaign is heading to the Eastern Cape this weekend, spreading its message of self-care and support to MSM in the region.