Edwin Cameron: 2018 World AIDS Day Message: In his 2018 World AIDs Day message, Constitutional Court Justice Edwin Cameron focuses on the deadly impact of stigma and silence on those living with HIV.
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LGB Americans at higher risk of opioid abuse: As America grapples with an opioid crisis, it's been found that those who identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual (LGB) are more likely to misuse opioids than heterosexuals.
Who’s blessing who? Same-sex blesser relationships: The “blessing” phenomenon has made headlines in recent years. So how does the gay and MSM (men who have sex with men) community feel about blessers and blessees?
Male 2 Male Health | Why you should also be concerned about TB: When it comes to gay and other men who have sex with men, HIV is the health concern that gets all the attention. But have you thought about tuberculosis (TB) and how it could affect you?
Study shows PrEP has massive impact on HIV among gay & bi men: The test roll-out of PrEP in Australia has led to a dramatic reduction in HIV infections among gay and bisexual men.
13 things you should know about being LGBTQ or a man who loves men: LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer/questioning) people and men who have sex with men often face stigma and discrimination in everyday life.
Top myths about anal sex (and how to do it): Unfortunately anal sex remains taboo among gay men and other members of the population. So, do only gay men have anal sex and what other myths and facts are there about “topping” and “bottoming”?
10 facts you need to know about online hookups: Online dating and hookups have become part of daily life for many gay, bi and other men who have sex with men. They are not only a way for us to meet each other but can also be a fun and sexy way of expressing our sexuality.
Here’s how you can you use PrEP on-demand for one night of pleasure: The PrEP revolution continues to evolve. PrEP on demand is a new way to use the HIV prevention pill which may be more cost-effective for those who buy their own.
Life | My self-defence is past its sell-by-date: As a child, Bruce Little found ways of protecting himself from criticism and taunts. Today he still grapples with the internal voices telling him he's unworthy, but he's fighting back.
Male 2 Male health | My chemsex experience: As a gay man, chemsex was the ultimate high. It was a confidence booster and the sex was fantastic. But ultimately it left me feeling fake, empty and out of control.
Ivan Toms Centre to continue serving Cape Town’s MSM community: The Anova Health Institute has announced that the groundbreaking Ivan Toms Centre for Men’s Health will continue to provide services for gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM) in the Western Cape.
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Health4Men: The science behind U=U: HIV-positive men on ART (antiretroviral treatment) with undetectable viral loads can’t pass it on to their negative partners – it’s been proven.
Once-a-month injection could replace daily treatment for people living with HIV: People living with HIV may soon be able to treat the virus with a once-a-month injection rather than having to take daily medication, potentially improving adherence rates.
My experience | Living positively one day at a time: Albert* is an HIV positive gay man. Here he shares for the first time the experiences that led up to his diagnosis, how he looks back on them and how he now lives his life.
Shigella is a growing concern for MSM. So what is it?: There has been an outbreak of shigella, an STI, amongst men who have sex with men (MSM) in America's San Diego County, which has issued a health advisory.
Australia | Bi men are the least likely to be out: Coming out the closet is far more difficult for young bisexual men, compared to their gay counterparts, says a new study.
Opinion | Gay men – ‘out of control?: As the use of PrEP grows, some say it will cause gay men to stop using condoms. Sky Gilbert argues that this fear is based on the notion that gay men's desires must be controlled.