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More than 57 million people joined first Global Pride event: Global Pride, the 27-hour virtual Pride that took place on June 27, reached a worldwide audience of 57,050,978 viewers in at least 163 countries, organisers have confirmed.
Shock as Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala relationship mired in abuse claims: In a heartbreaking turn, one of South Africa’s most high profile gay couples – Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala – are embroiled in a legal battle centred on domestic abuse claims and it’s all being played out in the media.
Craig Lucas unveils his new heartbreaking ballad, Happy: The new single from out 'The Voice SA' winner Craig Lucas, is a pop ballad about the end of a relationship and wanting the best for the person you were with, even if that means not being together anymore.
30 Under 40 SADC Queer Game Changers initiative launched: A new initiative, the 30 Under 40 Queer Game Changers, aims to put a spotlight on the LGBTIQ+ community of the Southern African Development Community (SADC).
Now Trump targets homeless trans people amid Covid-19 crisis: The Trump administration is set to end an Obama-era provision that bars federally funded homeless shelters from turning away transgender people.
Western Cape first to introduce LGBTQI+ guidelines for schools: The Western Cape Department of Education has published what are said to be the country’s first draft Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Guidelines.
Gabon | Catholic Church slams vote to decriminalise homosexuality: As the upper house of Parliament in Gabon votes to decriminalise homosexuality, Catholic leaders in the country have warned that the move will endanger children with "deviant behaviour."
Call to replace Christopher Columbus statue with Marsha P Johnson: Tens of thousands of people are calling for queer Stonewall Riots icon Marsha P Johnson to be honoured with a statue in her New Jersey home town.
Johannesburg Pride reveals plans for 2020: While many Pride events around the world have been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Johannesburg Pride still hopes to hold its annual Pride street march later in the year.
LGBTQ rights facing uphill struggle when it comes to young Africans: While young Africans strongly support a variety of fundamental rights, the vast majority draw the line at those for the LGBTQ community.