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Poland | Catholic Church warns of “rainbow plague”: As a court orders a newspaper to stop distributing anti-LGBT stickers, the Catholic Church in Poland is adding to a growing wave of intolerance.
Village Drinks | Networking Cape Town’s LGBTQ community: Village Drinks Cape Town is an initiative, now in its second year, trying to make Cape Town’s LGBTQI community into a friendlier place.
Heavy metal band’s same-sex kiss defies Russia anti-LGBTQ law: Two members of German heavy metal band Rammstein have shown their solidarity with Russia's LGBTQ community with a same-sex kiss in Moscow.
Bianca Del Rio Jester Joke Q&A: She's just been named the most powerful drag queen in America. Bianca Del Rio tells us about her life, career and who she'd most like to be for a day (hint, it's another queen).
Missing gay Joburg man’s supporters protest outside court: There is still no news about the fate of Wayne Johnson, who has been missing for 49 days, as the men accused of kidnapping him appeared in court.
Caster Semenya responds to new legal blow: Caster Semenya's plan to run the 800m at the upcoming World Championship without medical intervention has been scuppered by a shocking new court decision.
Gay rapper Lil Nas X smashes major chart record: American rapper Lil Nas X makes history, after recently coming out as gay, by holding the longest-running No. 1 single ever on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
Russia | Same-sex family flee over threat to remove kids: A same-sex family in Russia has been forced to leave the country after the authorities threatened to take away their adopted children.
Latheem Gabriel unveils ‘Seed of Unease’: Proudly out Cape Town singer and songwriter Latheem Gabriel has released his third single, a dance track titled Seed of Unease.
Bestselling Christian dating author apologises to LGBTQ people: Joshua Harris, who wrote a bestselling Christian guide to relationships, has apologised for the harm he's caused LGBTQ people.