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WQMD Season 2 Ep 8: LGBTIQA+ Representation in the Media – Watch it here!: In this episode of WQMD (We’re Queer My Dear), the team discuss LGBTIQA+ representation in the media with activist and producer Mond Motadi.
Germany moves to compensate gay soldiers for discrimination: Germany's cabinet has approved a bill to compensate gay soldiers and veterans who were discriminated against because of their sexuality.
Listen to the voices of LGBT+ people in Eswatini: LGBT+ people in Eswatini are bravely speaking out about their everyday experiences living as a criminalised and marginalised community in the African kingdom.
Queering business Pt 1: Q&A with Uber’s Nduduzo Nyanda: We speak to Nduduzo Nyanda, Country Manager for Uber in SA, about the importance of inclusivity and being out and proud in the workplace.
PE activist defiant over “LGBTIQ+ agenda” school photo: A PE activist has inadvertently sparked a firestorm on Twitter over a photo of himself sensitising school pupils about LGBTIQ+ inclusion.
Watch it here! WQMD Season 2 Ep 7 – GBV and LGBTIQA+ Hate Crimes: In episode 7 of WQMD, the team talk to MP Nazley Sharif about the scourge of gender-based violence, LGBTIQA hate crimes and so-called corrective rape.
Hungary’s new anti-LGBTQ bill an “affront to European values”: Human Rights Watch says that plans to amend the constitution to ban adoption by LGBTQ couples in Hungary go against European values.
Trans Day of Remembrance 2020: Fighting for Trans Futures: The International Trans Day of Remembrance is an opportunity to honour those trans and gender-diverse lives that have been snuffed out.
Caster Semenya takes case to European Court of Human Rights: South Africa Olympian Caster Semenya is set to take her fight for justice to the European Court of Human Rights, her lawyer has announced.
It will be legal to be gay in Angola from February 2021: A 134-year-old colonial-era ban on homosexuality will come to an end in Angola next year as new LGBTQ protections are added.