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Namibia: Supreme Court keeps gay couple’s son in limbo: The child of a same-sex couple in Namibia will remain without citizenship following a devastating ruling by the country's Supreme Court.
Prof Tim Noakes slammed for homophobic cartoon retweet: Professor and author Tim Noakes must explain and apologise for sharing a cartoon on Twitter linking the LGBTQ+ community to paedophiles.
Uganda anti-LGBTIQ+ bill: Museveni calls gay people “deviants”: As MPs lobby for the passing of a new anti-LGBTIQ+ bill, Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has described gay people as deviants.
The cost of hate: Steve Hofmeyr to pay R100,000 to LGBTIQ+ group: Singer Steve Hofmeyr has agreed to pay an LGBTIQ+ organisation R100,000 in compensation for making discriminatory comments on social media.
Steve Hofmeyr apologises to LGBTIQ+ community: In a major victory for the LGBTIQ+ community, singer Steve Hofmeyr has been forced to apologise for his hateful queerphobic comments in an Equality Court settlement.
SA LGBTIQ+ Rights Watch: February 2023: An overview of LGBTIQ+ rights violations, hate speech incidents and case updates in South Africa in February 2023, collated by OUT and Mamba.
RuPaul speaks out against drag ban laws: With the US gripped in a backlash against drag performers, RuPaul has slammed politicians for trying to distract voters from real issues.
Southern African Anglican Church rejects blessing same-sex unions: The Anglican Church of Southern Africa scraps a proposal to allow clergy to bless same-sex unions while also renouncing same-sex marriage.
Zambia: Four arrested for “championing homosexuality” in GBV march: The arrest of four women in Zambia for holding a march that police say was used to “champion homosexuality” has sparked a wave of homophobia.
Uganda: Ramaphosa welcomes Museveni despite new anti-LGBTIQ+ bill: President Ramaphosa is accused of hypocrisy for welcoming President Museveni in the same week that a new anti-LGBTIQ+ bill was introduced in Uganda's Parliament.