Gay Games Guys Love Jozi: With the words "We're gonna get it!" councillor and mayoral committee member Christine Walters summed up the feeling of supporters of the 2010 Gay Games bid.
A DIFFERENT KIND OF JUSTICE: Justice Edwin Cameron is South Africa's only high ranking public official to not only have publicly disclosed his homosexuality, but also his positive HIV status. He spoke to Mambaonline about his book Witness to AIDS.
Bored With Fashion: Dion Chang:
Pic by Pierre van den Bosch for Elle
Being seen as a fashion guru can be hard at the best of times. But you know the role is becoming
PRESTO!: Greyvensteyn and van Schalkwyk have brought together the cuisines of Italy, Thailand, France, Greece, Mexico and India in a tasty new Afrikaans cookbook. Presto
Dion Chang: There’s an exciting buzz inside SA Fashion Week’s sun-drenched offices, with phones ringing and people leafing through photographs of models
ENERGY FOR LIVING – An interview with Judge Edwin Cameron: I walk with Judge Cameron through his Johannesburg home as we make our way out to the spacious garden. I spot a pile of classical CDs as we pass through and ask whether there's any Madonna on the pile. "Not here," he laughs.
Mind the Soap: Country boy Braam left the family farm in Okahandja for the bright lights of Johannesburg. The Engineering student and part-time bartender turned
Getting Anal: For many of us the idea of being gay is intrinsically tied into the act of anal sex. You may be surprised to learn that this is a fairly recent correlation.
Annie Goes Bare: Annie Lennox has become a diva of note, both through the perpetual re-invention of herself and the timeless emotional resonance of her songs. Now
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