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This primary school now has a genderless uniforms policy: A school in New Zealand has dropped gender restrictions on its uniforms, allowing any student
Japan to protect LGBT students from bullying:
Tokyo Rainbow Pride (Pic: Lauren Anderson)
Japan is finally set to tackle the abuse of sexual and gender
German government moves to pardon and compensate convicted gay men:
Gay victims of the Nazis
Germany’s Cabinet has approved a bill that aims
Bloemfontein to celebrate 5th annual Free State Pride: Free State Pride returns to Bloemfontein this Saturday when the Free State’s LGBTIQ
Troye Sivan celebrates end of ‘gay panic’ defence: South African born Aussie star Troye Sivan and his mother have shared their joy at
LGBTQ censorship – YouTube admits it messed up:
Censored: Tegan and Sara
After content creators blasted YouTube for censoring a wide swath of
Two men outed on social media and arrested for gay sex in Ghana: The Ghanaian media has sensationally reported that two men have been arrested
Power Rangers brings us the first big screen LGBTQ superhero:
Becky G plays Ranger Trini
One of the Power Rangers in the remake of the iconic 90s children
YouTube accused of censoring LGBTQ videos: YouTube has been accused of restricting a wide range of LGBTQ themed videos because they are considered too sensitive
Katy Perry: I did more than kiss a girl: Pop star Katy Perry has opened up about her sexuality and how she experienced Christian efforts to “pray