Star Trek star George Takei has received a marriage license in West Hollywood, in order to wed his long-standing boyfriend of 21 year years, Brad Altman, in California.

They were among one of the thousands of same-sex couples to apply to marry since this became legal in the state on Monday.

Speaking to the media, the 71 year old actor said: “Isn’t this a glorious California morning to make history? Last month, the California Supreme Court made history by ruling for equality in marriage, and this morning, we’re all here to give flesh and blood reality to that ruling. We’re going to make history.”

While the two picked up their wedding license on Tuesday they only plan on holding the wedding ceremony this September. The celebrity couple featured on CBS’ The Early Show on Monday to chat about their wedding plans and gay marriage equality.

Takei said he and Altman want to “give ourselves some months to go through the delicious anguish of planning for it.”

Altman said he proposed to Takei in an impromptu moment when news broke that the California Supreme Court had overturned the ban on same-sex marriage. “George was watching TV and the news flash came on and I dropped to my knees and I said ‘George, will you marry me?’”

Asked why it is important for them to have their relationship recognised as a legal marriage rather than a domestic partnership, Takei said, “Because it is a marriage. You know, they can find other names for it, but separate but equal just doesn’t cut it.”

Takei’s official website expressed his feelings about the opposition to same-sex marriage. The star compared the discrimination of Japanese Americans during World War II to the current inequality experienced by homosexuals.

“With time, I know the opposition to same sex marriage, too, will be seen as an antique and discreditable part of our history.”

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