A religious ‘family’ group, HazteOir, is suing the organisers of Madrid Pride for hate speech against Catholics and the pope.

The group claims that the organisers and participants in Madrid’s gay pride parade held up banners and posters mocking Catholics, anti-gay politicians and ‘pro-family’ groups.

“Yet again, the march has been marked by attacks against the Catholic Church, mockery of the bishops and slogans against Christians,” said HazteOir, reports the Christian ‘pro-family’ website

The organisation says that during the parade earlier this month some marchers held up a banner depicting Pope Benedict XVI on fire labelling him “chief of the inquisitors.”

The lawsuit has been filed on the basis of Spanish law which can carry penalties of 8 to 12 months for speech that “hurts the feelings of the members of a religious confession” through public statements or documents that mock or humiliate religious believers or their faith.

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