A US woman has been thrown out of a building by a security guard because she wore a pro-lesbian t-shirt.

Lapriss Gilbert was reportedly collecting a social security card from a federal building in Los Angeles when a security guard took offence at her t-shirt, which was emblazoned with the words ‘lesbian.com’.

The man, who has not been named, claimed that he had the authority to ask her to leave and threatened to arrest her.

After 31 year old Gilbert and her mother called the police, she was allowed back into the building.

A spokesperson for the Homeland Security Department, which had contracted the security guard, said that his actions were unacceptable and that his company, Paragon Security, had been notified.

“As an African-American and a lesbian, I haven’t been through one day without facing some sort of discrimination… but this is just shocking,” Gilbert told the LA Daily News.

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