Four San Diego firemen have taken their bosses to court because they were forced to attend the city’s 2007 Gay Pride parade.

The four men, Alex Kane, Chad Allison, Jason Hewett and captain John Ghiotto say that were, against their will, ordered to attend the event where they apparently suffered sexual harassment.

They claim to have been taunted by members of the crowd along the parade route who made sexually explicit comments such as “show me your hose,” and “give me mouth-to-mouth”.

“The experience left me feeling humiliated, embarrassed, and offended by this event,” Ghiotto said in a statement.

The men further say that they were on the receiving end of teasing and jokes from colleagues for having taken part in the event.

According to the men’s lawyers, the Pride parade was a political event and it was inappropriate for them to be forced to participate.

San Diego’s openly lesbian fire chief Tracy Jarman said in a statement that she had apologised to the men.

She stated that “I am deeply concerned and troubled by the allegations that have been made. I take them seriously.”

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