Anticipation is high that the cream of Hollywood’s stars will wear white ribbons, supporting same-sex marriage rights, at this weekend’s Oscar ceremony.

Coloured ribbons, such as the red ribbon representing the fight against HIV/AIDS, have become a fashionable way of showing support for various causes.

Now, in the wake of the banning of same-sex marriage in California and other US states, the white ribbon, or white knot, has come to represent the struggle for marriage equality.

The White Knot campaign was started by Frank Voci, who told Variety that he expects a number of celebrities, such as actress Anne Hathaway and possibly Sean Penn, to support the cause.

He said that all the major nominees have been sent a white knot and the reception has thus far been warm.

He will however only know who will show their support for the campaign when the stars step out onto the red carpet on Sunday night.

Milk, the film about the assassinated gay politician Harvey Milk and the struggle for gay and lesbian rights in the US, has received eight Academy Award nominations.

According to WhiteKnot.org, “The White Knot is the symbol for marriage equality. Wear it every day to show your support and to create conversation. Use it to tell someone today that equal rights are important to everyone.”

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