An anti-gay seminar in Kampala, Uganda has concluded with the formation of a group that will work to eradicate homosexuality.

Sapa has reported that the “Anti-Gay Task Force” will “fight against the spread of homosexuality and lesbianism in the country.”

This according to the group’s spokesperson Stephen Langa, who said that the task force will one day “wipe out” homosexuality.

The two day conference, which was held last week, was slammed by international gay and lesbian activists who said that it would “increase violence and other human rights abuses against LGBT people”.

Speakers at the event included a number of American religious leaders in the right-wing ‘ex-gay’ movement, which aims to “cure” gays and lesbians.

According to blog reports from Uganda, American Holocaust revisionist Scott Lively spoke at the conference on his belief that homosexuality was behind the Nazi regime in Germany and could again lead to a similar fascist movement.

He reportedly further bizarrely claimed that homosexuality was at the root of the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

The seminar was attended by parents, teachers, government workers, politicians, counsellors and religious leaders.

Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda and carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

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