Singer Robbie Klay

Afrikaans singer Robbie Klay has testified for a third day about his alleged sexual abuse as a child by fellow singer Jurie Els.

Klay (23) has claimed that Else, who he saw as a father figure, repeatedly molested him over a period of five years starting from when he was 11. He admitted however that he enjoyed the sexual side of their relationship and at times initiated the liaisons.

Klay told the North Gauteng High Court that the two would exchange declarations of love after their sexual encounters, something which started making him uncomfortable as he got older.

He said that felt the need to prove to himself that he was not gay following the end of the relationship and developed an excessively high sex drive and pursued multiple female partners.

Judge Chris Eksteen questioned the singer about why he initially chose to break away from Els when the older man started a relationship with a woman, the athlete Hestrie Cloete, who later became Els’s wife.

Klay said that he was not upset or jealous over the fact that Els was in a relationship with someone else but that he could not face Cloete after what had happened.

He also claimed that he decided to go public about the alleged abuse to help other children in the same situation.

Els, who now lives in New Zealand with Cloete and their child, has voluntarily returned to South Africa to defend himself in court.

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