It’s not easy living life in the fast lane. We all need a little help to stay young, healthy and looking good. That’s the idea behind the ground-breaking Slimming Clinic™ – an Integrative Medical Practice specialising in weight loss, weight gain and anti-ageing programs.

Situated in Joburg’s trendy Melrose Arch, the gay-friendly Clinic is run by Dr Wian Stander; a medical doctor (MBChB) who has a keen interest in holistic and integrative medicine. His core mission and passion in life is the integration of art, science and the philosophy of medicine.

“Good Health – and by that I mean the presence of wellbeing – is the fundamental foundation stone for a long, rewarding and fulfilling life,” he says, adding that: “Old-school medicine used to define it as just the absence of disease and to not be ill, where here we’re striving to offer a more holistic and integrative approach.”

Wian’s currently enrolled in a Masters Degree in Anti-Aging FAAFM (Fellowship in Anti-aging and Functional Medicine) as well as training to become a Master in Executive Life Coaching. He has done numerous talks on Holistic Medicine and Healthy Ageing in South Africa over the past few years and you may well have heard him on air as the Health Advisor for Metro FM.

He brings his ever-evolving skills, knowledge and experience to his practice which focuses not just in fixing health and aging concerns when they become a problem, but also in combating these issues before they rear their ugly heads. The clinic specialises in three key areas:

Weight loss

Slimming Clinic™ offers a multi-factorial approach as no one program works for everyone. Its successful weight loss strategies include: Optimal hormonal and nutritional function with emphasis on the importance of detoxification; daily exercise and increased daily physical activity; tackling allergies and inflammation along with yeast overgrowth, food addictions and sleep deprivation – all of which affect weight loss significantly. Wian assesses, advises and compiles a programme unique to you and your lifestyle incorporating these elements.


Preventative Medicine has identified many of the mechanisms of ageing and Wian will outline the basic principles and offer a logical approach to modify the aging process to restore you to a younger, healthier and more vital self – regardless of your age.

Some of the areas of ageing that his programmes tackle include: oxidative stress (free radical damage); chronic inflammation; insulin resistance (which affects waist circumference); excess cortisol levels (which affect stress); fatty acid imbalance; bio-identical hormone decline (related to menopause and andropause); mitochondrial energy depletion (leading to chronic fatigue/chronic pain); DNA mutation (which increases the risk of cancer); digestive enzyme deficits (malabsorption and gut dysbiosis); and immune dysfunction (which increase the risk of auto-immune diseases and allergies).


The reception area.

In today’s world of processed food and pollution, toxic substances exist almost everywhere. They are in the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. It’s estimated that 60-80% of all cancers and chronic diseases are as a direct result of these environmental toxins. The liver is a key organ in our body’s self-defence mechanism and Slimming Clinic™ offers an easy to follow home kit to assess the liver’s bio-transformation function, your body’s detoxification ability and the overall state of your health.

Wian believes that South Africa is well on its way to becoming a pioneer in Preventative and Regenerative Medicine. If you’d like to take advantage of the latest advances in these areas – right here in Joburg – to improve and enhance your life and health, give him a call or visit the clinic’s website.

Slimming Clinic™ is located at 10 Melrose Boulevard, 1st Floor, Melrose Arch, Melrose-North, Johannesburg. You can call them on landline: 011 684 1856/7 or cell: 0843633423/0840934448 or visit them online at:

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