The notorious Ugandan Red Pepper daily tabloid has published the names and personal details of people who it claims are supporting gay rights groups and individuals, reports The Box Turtle Bulletin.

Titled “City tycoons who bankroll Ugandan homos,” the article lists their residences, places of employment, and even the cars they drive; allowing people to easily find the individuals named.

The newspaper also repeated claims by a number of politicians that foreign sources were financing gay groups to the tune of millions in order to “promote” homosexuality in the country by “recruiting new members”.

The Red Pepper has a history of sensationalistic stories that have helped fuel homophobic sentiments in Uganda. In April last year it published an article naming the country’s “top homosexuals”, similar to the other pieces outing gays and lesbians that it has published since 2006.

The news editor of Red Pepper, Ben Byarabaha, has previously publicly committed the newspaper to continue to out gay Ugandans.

Uganda’s gay community in crisis as the country’s parliament debates a new bill which would impose the death penalty on anyone who has gay sex with an HIV positive person; even between consenting adults.

It would also maintain the current life sentence for gay sex as well as making it illegal to lobby for LGBT equality, provide any support for LGBT people or even write about LGBT rights. People will face jail time if they do not turn in gays and lesbians to the authorities.

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