Two Ugandan newspapers have published more virulently anti-gay articles despite a recent court order, reports Box Turtle Bulletin.

In its latest edition, the notorious Rolling Stone tabloid published an outrageous front page piece titled “Homo generals plotted Kampala terror attacks”.

The article claims that “Bloodthirsty generals in the evil homosexuality world plotted the bloody bombing of Kyaddondo Rugby Grounds and Ethiopian Village Restaurant in Kampala on July 11”.

A Somali Islamic insurgency group Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack which killed 64 people.

The newspaper further claims that “sodomy kings” are plotting a “massive overthrow of regional anti-gay presidents” and that “new intelligence shows homos ‘penalised’ Uganda for not recognising their rights”.

On the 1st of November, high court judge Vincent Musoke-Kibuuka ordered Rolling Stone to stop publishing the names and addresses of gay men, which it had done in an earlier article.

In another new homophobic piece, The Onion tabloid last week ran a front page “expose” of a “lesbian club” at Uganda’s Makerere University.

It claims that, through the club, lesbians are “recruiting mainly the hottest gals in the country, after which they induct them into their horrible acts”.

“These gals are said to be well equipped with training videos, manuals, magazines and audio CDs, which they use to orient the gals and equip them with the best techniques of sexual satisfying fellow women,” says the newspaper.

It further adds fuel to regional conspiracy theories by claiming that “…these Lesbos are said to be financed by NGOs from the Netherlands, USA, Switzerland, Sweden, and are very loaded, so they can do anything they want anywhere.”

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