Two men have married on board a night-time Virgin America flight over Canada, believed to be the first ever in-flight gay wedding.

Passengers on the flight from San Francisco to New York awoke in the morning to be told that history had taken place at 35,000 feet.

“The head flight attendant made the announcement on the P.A. ‘While you were sleeping, we had a little wedding in the galley. The captain diverted us over Canadian airspace so he could marry two gentlemen,'” passenger Ryan McManus told Msnbc.

McManus said that the flight attendant added: “We’d like to wish them the best and offer them a round of applause.” The passengers reportedly responded with the appropriate applause.

In September, Scandinavia’s SAS airline announced a competition for a gay couple to win a wedding package that would see them married in the first-ever same-sex wedding in the air.

The competition was won by a German couple and the wedding is set for December 6th.

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