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A fourth man has come forward with claims of inappropriate sexual behaviour by Hollywood star John Travolta (58).

Michael Caputo, a former masseur at the Peninsula Hotel in New York, has told the New York Daily News that the actor was placed on a three-year-long blacklist by the hotel’s spa due to his “inappropriate behaviour”.

“Travolta would always request a man for his massage, but after a while no one would take him. It got to the point where they couldn’t find any men to take him, and they had to ban him,” he said.

Caputo claimed that male masseurs at the hotel complained to management about Travolta “removing his towel, grinding against the massage table and lifting his butt in the air”.

He said that Travolta was later eventually allowed to again make use of the facilities.

Travolta attorney, Marty Singer, has once more denied the allegations and pointed out that his client has made use of the spa in the last six months.

“If he was banned, do you think he’d ever go back? He’s never been banned, I guarantee you. The hotel never told John he was banned, and John never acted improperly,” Singer told the Daily News

In the last week, Travolta has been sued by two other un-named male masseurs for sexual assault. The first man has now reportedly been dropped by his lawyer for getting the date of the alleged attack wrong.

A cruise ship employee, Fabian Zanzi, then came forward and claimed that Travolta hugged him while naked and erect and offered him $12,000 in exchange for sex while on a cruise in 2009.

Singer has dismissed all the allegations.

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