Gay icon, singer and actress Cher has threatened to leave Twitter following a row over her praise for an anti-gay pastor on the social media service.

The furore began when the 66-year-old star tweeted: “I love Joel Osteen, hes example of Christian! He makes Every1 feel welcome 2 his church no matter who they R!”

She was told by a follower in response: “Umm… not everyone. He’s pretty uncool about gays.”

Cher replied: “But I’M NOT. Proved this MY WHOLE LIFE. We have a BOND. Christians have a hard time but we can change this.”

After defending her support for the gay community in a number of tweets, she added dramatically: “But gay pple have stayed w/me through 40 yrs when every1 else left! If i broke our bond & u hav no love 4 me anymore this is my last txt.”

Cher went on to say: “U hav been my best Friends! My Heart has broken MANYx’s because ive lost 1 of U! I hav Sat w/U til last your LAST BREATH! I will ALWAYS LUV U”

Her threat to stop tweeting didn’t last, Cher has since continued to communicate through twitter.

On Wednesday, following continued criticism of her comments supporting Osteen, she tweeted: “BELIEVE 4 ONE SECOND THAT I WOULD BETRAY MY FRIENDS! If so you’ve never known me! Gay Press How could u Think I WOULD EVER HURT U? SO Painful”

In an interview last year with CNN’s Piers Morgan, Osteen said that he didn’t like to “bash homosexuals and tell them that they’re terrible people”, but stated that he does not approve of same-sex unions.

He also compared homosexuality to an addiction and said that he believes that gays and lesbians could become straight through God’s help. “I believe God can give us grace to change. We’ve seen people break addictions, and do other things as well,” he said.

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