Rudi Claase

Rudi Claase

Controversial openly gay Afrikaans singer Rudi Claase is reported to be recovering at home after a dramatic suicide attempt.

According to Beeld, the star was found unconscious in his home on the weekend.

It was reported that he had slit one of his wrists and took an overdose of pills.

An unconscious Claase was taken to hospital by ambulance, where he was treated before being discharged.

His estranged husband, Stephen Stewart, told Beeld that Claase is stable and spending most of his time sleeping.

It is believed that Claase is being taken care of by his sister.

Claase came to fame with his then singing partner Corlea Botha but the two had a messy public breakup as a singing duo.

Claase married Stewart, who was his manager, on March 8, 2010. Their relationship has been marked by numerous tabloid scandals.

The couple recently made headlines when they announced that they planned to divorce.

They both told Huisgenoot magazine that drug abuse was partly to blame for their woes.

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