Lady Gaga supports gay boycott Sochi Winter Olympics

Lady Gaga

Pop singer and LGBT ally Lady Gaga believes that America should not participate in the Sochi Winter Games because of Russia’s anti-gay polices.

“I don’t think we should be going to Russia for the Winter Olympics, that’s my personal opinion,” said Gaga in an interview with the UK’s Sun newspaper.

“I care so much about these issues and I don’t think we should be bringing any commerce to a country which enforces such a lack of equality and a lack of human rights. A country where so much abuse of youth is happening, how can we bring so much attention to that part of the world and reward them for that?”

She added: For me it’s shocking, then again everyone thinks Miley Cyrus is shocking and that’s the world we live in…”

Meanwhile, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has stated that there is no way that the Games can be moved from Russia.

According to Gay Star News, Director General of the IOC Christophe De Kepper told Australian MP Christine Milne that “Moving the Olympic Games to another location is something that is not being discussed”.

In a letter, De Kepper said: “Organising the Olympic Games is a seven-year process and a complex exercise for any Organising Committee.

“Finding another location to accommodate the athletes would be impossible six months away from the Games. There are many more technical, financial and security reasons that make such a proposal unfeasible,” she said.

De Kepper added that “The IOC agrees with you that the Olympic Games should be free of any kind of discrimination and I can reassure you that we work hard to make this a reality at each edition of the Games”.

Calls to boycott or move the Winter Games from Sochi have been met with conflicting responses from Russian LGBTI activists.

While some support these efforts, others believe that holding the event in the Russian city will help to highlight the erosion of LGBT rights in the country.


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