Nikolai Alexeyev makes anti-Semitic comments

Nikolai Alexeyev

Russian LGBT activist Nikolai Alexeyev has lost all remaining credibility with a slew of anti-Semitic rants attacking the so-called “Jewish mafia”.

Alexeyev was once a highly respected figure when it came to LGBT right in Russia but he’s increasingly alienated many of his supporters thanks to recent bizarre Facebook and Twitter posts.

He’s slated the Western media, stated that gays and lesbians are not oppressed in Russia, accused other activists of being child abusers and taken to making offensive and seemingly irrational rants.

On Monday, he accused the “Jewish mafia” of trying to take over the world and of hampering his efforts as an LGBT activist.

“I definitely give an interview ASAP to any credible western media about the Jewish mafia trying to overtake the world and now LGBT fight in Russia,” wrote Alexeyev on Facebook.

When taken to task by his followers, Alexeyev stated: “Do you know how many Jews fucked up my speaking engagements in America in the past and in the future? I have terrific Jewish friends but American jids will destroy the world, we all have to stop them!”

He continued with another post: “I warn American Jewish mafia that you will get zero results in Russia! Russians on the ground who hate your methods will win their fight!”

And another: “I am really amazed how yids are destroying all the perception of Jewish people. History in this aspect is not surprising. Their methods are now not better than the methods of yids who sold themselves to German nazis. We know the result. But they now prefer to conceal this fact of their history.”

In response to more outrage from his followers, Alexeyev wrote: “Who cares when yids offence, slander and insult me?”

Alexeyev has faced claims that he is an anti-Semite before, notably during a visit to the US in 2011. At the time he denied that accusation, stating: “To call me an anti-Semite is like to say I burned the Reichstag.”

Alexeyev’s recent actions have led many of his followers to believe that his social media accounts have been hacked by the Kremlin and there has been wild speculation about his state of mind.

Last week Alexeyev petulantly said he would stop his work as an activist and would withdraw gay discrimination cases he’d filed because he was upset over a critical article about him published by Out.Com.

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