Mel B - Melanie Brown

Mel B – Melanie Brown

Spice girl Mel B has confirmed that she had a lesbian affair with another woman

The singer, real name Melanie Brown, took the opportunity of the release of her first single in eight years – For Once in My Life – to make the revelation.

In an interview with American shock jock Howard Stern, the 38-year-old star confirmed a previous claim by friend Christa Parker that they had been in a relationship.

Stern asked her if she had been in love with Parker, to which Brown replied “I would say so.” She added that they broke up “because women are crazy”.

Meanwhile, the British media has reported that, in addition to Parker, Brown had an affair with another woman.

Parker told a Sunday newspaper that their relationship first turned sexual in 2005. “I had only had sex with a woman once before…but Mel was obviously very experienced with women. She is a great kisser.”

Parker claims that she introduced Brown to her friend Elizabeth Rodriguez and that they allegedly then had regular threesomes.

The lesbian affairs apparently ended when Brown started dating Eddie Murphy, with whom she had a child. She is now married to film producer Stephen Belafonte and has had three children.

The video For Once in My Life includes a scene when Brown kisses a virtual clone of herself. Watch the clip below.

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