Lady Gaga at G-A-Y on Friday

Lady Gaga at G-A-Y on Friday
(Pic: Facebook)

Gay clubbers at London’s G-A-Y nightclub were surprised by an unannounced – and as usual outrageous – performance by Lady Gaga on Friday night.

The pop star unexpectedly appeared on the stage dressed in a ghost-like outfit, complete with ghoulish pale makeup and an almost white-blonde wig – presumably in a nod to Halloween at the end of the month.

After she performed her new song Venus, she started walking off, stopped and dropped her dress to the ground briefly leaving the singer completely naked on stage.

Gaga later tweeted: “Had an amazing night tonight at G-A-Y in London, after all these years you continue to inspire me.”

Comedian, actor and Little Britain star Matt Lucas, who was in the crowd, said on Twitter: “Just saw Lady Gaga do a surprise set at G-A-Y. She got her a**e out and showed her vagina. All agreed it was impressive but we’re staying gay.”

Club promoter Jeremy Joseph also commented on the social media platform, revealing that keeping plans for Gaga’s performance under wraps was “the hardest secret I’ve had to keep”.

Gaga is in Europe promoting her upcoming album ARTPOP, which will be released next month.

Watch a video of the singer at G-A-Y below.

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