teen_wolf_carver_twins_dress_drag_halloweenSexy twin actors Max and Charlie Carver, best known for their roles in Desperate Housewives, have dressed in horror drag for Halloween.

The stars, who have grown from their earlier trouble-making teen next door characters on the show to now playing buff twins in Teen Wolf, posted pictures online of their costumes for a Halloween party on Saturday in Hollywood.

For the bash, the 25-year-old identical duo – described as “the hottest twins on TV” – dressed up as the Grady twins from The Shining, adding a scarily homoerotic edge to the costumes.

Bizarrely, the two have different birthdays. Charlie was born just before midnight on July 31, 1988 while Max was born seven minutes later on August 1.

Check them out in these before and after pics.

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