Blake McIver: then and now

Blake McIver: then and now

A child star from one of America’s most beloved family sitcoms is now making a living as a sexy go-go boy at gay nightclubs.

Blake McIver played the role of Derek in Full House, alongside fellow child actors Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

He also started in the 1994 movie Little Rascals.

Now 28-years-old and all grown up, McIver has been working as a go-go boy in Los Angeles for the past year.

He told RumorFix that he started go-go dancing after he came out as gay three years ago and found it “so liberating and empowering”.

He said: “I had so much shame about my body. This was a way to express myself that was safe, sensual and fun.”

McIver, who is a singer, songwriter and vocal coach, explained that his dancing helped him make ends meet when times got tough.

“In fact, I raised so much money, I was able to finish my record — mission accomplished,” he said, adding that his debut solo album was coming out this month.

McIver also revealed that he had been bullied while attending a Christian high school in his teens.

“I’m not hiding who I am anymore – not pretending I’m not something I’m not,” he said.

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