The gates of the Iganga Girls Secondary School (Pic: Facebook)

The gates of the Iganga Girls Secondary School (Pic: Facebook)

A Ugandan high school has reportedly expelled 20 girls over claims of lesbianism.

The Observer reported that the girls’ school in the Eastern town of Iganga threw out the students after they “formed a society that was recruiting girls into lesbianism”.

While the school has not officially explained its actions, affected parents confirmed the expulsions to the newspaper.

It was claimed that the students regularly met to discuss how to “convince” more students to practise the “act”.

The Observer said that “we couldn’t readily establish whether there was someone or an organisation externally behind this society”.

The newspaper also said that the rumours of lesbianism at the school were regularly discussed on local radio and on social media, “putting the region’s leading and revered female secondary school on the brink of losing its social and moral status”.

An unnamed teacher was quoted as saying: “This thing [homosexuality] has been there but we resolved to bear with it until the end of year such that the innocent students are not affected. You sometimes get learners going on rampage when their colleagues are expelled.”

A parent, Tom Kimaliyo, told the newspaper that expelling the girls was irresponsible and would negatively affect their future. He argued that the girls should be given “counselling and monitoring to help them change behaviour or support them in coping with the situation”.

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