Tom Daley with Dustin Lance Black

Tom Daley with Dustin Lance Black

Recently out Olympic diver Tom Daley appears to have acknowledged his rumoured relationship with Hollywood scriptwriter Dustin Lance Black.

Daley posted a cute picture with Black on Instagram on Saturday, with the caption: “#splash celebrations 🙂 Beef Wellington…yes please!!!”

This is the first time either of the men has posted a photo together.

They had been rumored to be a couple soon after Daley came out as bisexual in early December.

Daley said then that he was dating an un-named man who “made me feel so happy, so safe and everything just feels great”.

Just days later various news sources claimed that the 19-year-old athlete had been seeing the 39-year-old handsome Oscar winning writer of the film Milk for some time.

They were spotted together by the paparazzi since then, but the latest photo seems to be an attempt by the couple to publicly confirm the relationship.

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