anti_gay_thugs_attack_st_patricks_day_flashmob_by_mistakeA group of anti-gay Russian thugs have mistakenly beaten up students dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day.

The students from the Easy School language school were preparing to take part in flashmob at a mall in the city of Irkutsk on Monday to belatedly celebrate the Irish holiday when they were attacked.

It appears that the violence was sparked because the thugs thought that the revellers were actually gay activists taking part in some kind of demonstration or gay Pride event.

“The Easy School members were wearing historic costumes, particularly kilts and their opponents mistook them for representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation,” a source told Interfax, reported AFP.

A video of the attack, which turned into a full-blown brawl, has been posted online (see below).

“Yes our students and teachers were among the injured but it could have been any young people who weren’t to the taste of these grey masses,” the school said in a statement.

While there were no serious injuries a teacher suffered mild conclusion.

LGBT rights activists have document an increase in intolerance and violence against members of the gay community since President Putin signed a federal law barring public gay events; deemed to be “gay propaganda.”

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