canada_denies_visas_to_gay_uganda_activistsCanada has refused to allow 10 Ugandan gay activists to attend the World Pride human rights conference in Toronto next month.

It appears that the authorities fear the activists may refuse to leave the country or will apply for asylum.

Canadian activists have slammed their government, which was one of the first to condemn Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act, for its hypocrisy.

“We are shocked and appalled. These individuals from Uganda are some of the most courageous heroes,” Andrea Houston of #ENDhatelaws told The Star.

“They are here to share their stories and have every intention to go home after the conference, because they all have work to do in Uganda. The assumption is they are here to claim asylum. The question is: Why can’t they, coming from the most hostile place in the world to LGBTQ people?”

Frank Mugisha, the internationally recognised activist, is the only Ugandan who is allowed to attend the conference because he already has a previously granted multiple entry visa.

The official reasons for the visas being declined include the applicants not having enough money to maintain themselves during the trip or that they did not have a legitimate business purpose for the trip.

While new visa applications are being prepared, #ENDhatelaws has launched a Facebook page demanding that the Canadian government grant the activists visas. The group has called for rallies and marches to immigration offices throughout Canada.

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