Gay couple thrown out of Uber taxi for kissing


Corey Watts and Jordan Sloan

A gay couple are furious after being thrown out of an Uber taxi in London for kissing and cuddling.

The incident took place on Thursday night, when Corey Watts, from the UK, and Jordan Sloan, from Canada, took a taxi through the app-based service to a friend’s home.

After a few minutes, the couple, who have been together for just four months, were surprised when the driver stopped the vehicle.

“Corey and I were talking and kissing and cuddling and suddenly the driver stopped and told us to get out,” Jordan, 23, told the Mirror.

“I wanted to find out what his problem [was] and just have a conversation with him but he just told us to get out the cab again,” he said.

Jordan asked if they were being thrown out of the taxi because they are gay, to which the driver reportedly replied: “No, I pick up gay customers all the time but they don’t do that.”

A shocked Jordan, who plans on moving to the UK to be closer to his boyfriend, commented: “He wouldn’t have reacted the same way if it had been a man or a woman.”

He added that he didn’t expect to be faced with homophobia in “one of gayest cities in the world.”

The couple were forced to catch another taxi to get to their destination.

They have complained to Uber, which has suspended the driver, launched an investigation and stated that it “does not tolerate any form of discrimination…”

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