Men’s three-way gay marriage makes waves


gay_men_in_three_way_marriage_thailandThe marriage of three gay men to each other in Thailand has captured the public’s imagination.

The trio – identified only as Joke, Bell, and Art – have posted numerous  pictures of their three-way nuptials on a special Facebook page.

One of the photos shows the happy newly-weds holding hands with a caption that reads: “The three of us will forever hold hands and walk together.”

According to World Wide Weird News, it’s believed that they married in a traditional wedding ceremony on Sunday.

The trio have become something of a media sensation and have been interviewed by numerous local television shows and channels.

gay_men_in_three_way_gay_marriage_thailandArt wrote on Facebook: “Love occurs unconditionally and is not limited to only two people. Love brings peace to the world.”

The polyamorous same-sex wedding won’t, however, have any official validity as gay marriage is not legal in Thailand.

While the thee men received much online support, others have painted the relationship as a sign of homosexual excess. This despite around 25% of countries around the world recognising polygamous marriages between a man and more than one woman (including South Africa, under customary law).

In fact, polygamy was widely practised and legal in Thailand until 1935.

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