Radical queer group vandalises more ATMs and police stations


Pic: ANZ / Twitter

The radical queer group that attacked a “GAYTM” in New Zealand last week appears to have struck again, vandalising more of the same bank’s ATMs and even police stations.

The group, calling itself “Queers Against Injustice”, attacked ANZ Bank’s Pride themed ATM with pink paint on Thursday ahead of last Saturday’s Auckland Pride Parade.

It said in a statement that it aimed to protest the way “that institutions co-opt LGBT struggles to distract from and disguise unethical behaviour.”

According to 3 News, on Monday night three more ANZ branches and a pair of Auckland police stations were also “paint-bombed” with pink paint.

ANZ tweeted: “Shame people resort to vandalism. Our staff, str8 &LGBTI alike are gutted.”

Notes left at the sites of the attacks appeared to link the latest acts of vandalism with the same group. They accused ANZ of of “Pinkwashing” by “strategically [using] gay-friendly marketing to increase profits by exploiting their workers’ rights”.

The group also said that during the Pride parade “a Maori transwomen was tackled by a security guard, her arm broken, and she was refused medical attention by police for 25 minutes while she was protesting the inclusion of a police float in the parade.”

Police are investigating the allegations of brutality against the transwoman during the parade.

Despite the vandalism, ANZ appears undeterred. It has continued with its plans to transform ATMs across Sydney in neighbouring Australia into Pride themed GAYTMs for the city’s 37th annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade on March 7th.

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