A quarter of UK homeless youth are LGBT


25_percent_of_UK_homeless_you_are_lgbtA shocking report has found that 24% of the homeless youth population in the UK identify as LGBT.

The disturbing statistic was included in a report by the Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT), which was released on Thursday.

The report also revealed that of 77% of LGBT homeless youth said that their homelessness was in large part linked to their sexuality or gender identity.

Parental rejection was cited by 69%, as well as physical, emotional and sexual abuse (69%) and aggression or violence within the family (62%).

In some cases, LGBT youth from certain faith communities had run away from home to avoid forced arranged marriages.

The results are from a survey of young people, aged 16 to 25, sent to 473 homeless housing providers in England, Scotland and Wales.

“After 25 years witnessing the rejection and abuse of LGBT youth just for being brave enough to come out to their peers and family, this report is a much-needed call to action for government, housing providers, and everyone concerned with young peoples’ wellbeing,” said Tim Sigsworth, Chief Executive of the Albert Kennedy Trust.

“Making a number of specific, achievable and cost-effective recommendations we hope to help others prevent lifetimes of youth homelessness and its enduring impact on mental, physical and emotional health,” he said.

Recommendations include calling for local authorities and homeless housing providers to address the sexual orientation of their users and to train staff to be capable of dealing with the unique needs of LGBT youth.

The continued reduction in government funding to assist homeless people and to provide accommodation was also cited as major concerns.

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