Report: Isis beheads two gay men in Iraq


isis_beheads_two_gay_men_iraqThere are reports that Isis has publicly beheaded three men in Iraq, two of them for being gay.

Images posted on social media by Isis supporters show a masked executioner wielding a sword above the kneeling, blindfolded men.

According to AFP, the executions could not be verified as no images have yet emerged of the decapitated bodies.

While two of the men were said to be killed for allegedly engaging in gay sex, possibly with each other, the third was beheaded on a charge of blasphemy.

Since June 2014, Isis has steadily released a series of gruesome images of the cold-blooded murder of a number of men for allegedly having gay sex.

These executions have usually involved throwing the victims off the top of buildings. Those who survived the fall have been stoned, beaten or shot to death by a mob.

In an open letter, the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) has urged the UN and various governments to urgently “protect persecuted groups fleeing Islamic State violence.”

Isis is a proponent of a radical interpretation of Sharia religious law which allows for the execution of people for “morality” crimes, including adultery and homosexuality.

You can add your signature to the IGLHRC letter here.

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