Meet the gay superhero who’s on Grindr


Midnighter (right) and Apollo

DC Comics is launching a new monthly comic book featuring a gay superhero who uses dating apps.

The gritty and ultra-violent character of Midnighter, who boasts superhuman strength, speed and resilience, was introduced in 1998.

He went on to marry fellow male superhero Apollo and even adopted a child. His first standalone comic book series was cancelled in 2008, after just a year and a half.

This June, Midnighter returns for another attempt at an ongoing series, written by Steve Orlando and with art by Aco.

While the new comic will address his complex relationship with Apollo, it will also show him as a single gay man. He’ll have a Grindr profile and be depicted having hook-ups; exploring his personal identity outside of being a superhero, Orlando told Comic Book Resources.

“When we start, he is realising, he is out of the closet as a gay man, he is out of the closet as a superhero. He has no secret identity. And he needs to find a way to really be a person,” said Orlando.

Catwoman kissed another woman in a recent issue

Catwoman kissed a woman in a recent issue

He explained that while he doesn’t see Midnighter as representing the entire LGBT community, he does feel a sense of responsibility in “telling a true portrait of this gay man.”

Orlando added: “I think that his outlook, his confidence and 100 percent lack of fear, 100 percent lack of shame in who he is, is something that’s universal. And I do feel a responsibility to push that idea to the forefront, because that is something that regardless of where you’re from, and even regardless if you’re gay, straight or anything, is extremely powerful, and something that we would all aspire to.”

Mainstream comic book companies are increasingly depicting their characters as sexually diverse human beings. Last month, the character of Catwoman (Selina Kyle), “came out” as bisexual when she passionately kissed another woman in a recent issue of her comic book series.

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