Hypocrites? Dolce and Gabbana almost had surrogate children


hypocrites_Vanity_Fair_Dolce_Gabbana_gay_familyThe UK media has revealed that Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana previously said that they wanted to be parents.

The designers are embroiled in a PR nightmare after they dismissed same-sex families as a “fad” and said that children from surrogate mothers are “children of chemistry” and “synthetic”.

The Mirror has now reported that the fashion icons appeared on the cover of Italian Vanity Fair a decade ago surrounded by children, with the duo expressing their desire to be fathers.

According to The Independent, Gabbana revealed at the time that he had actually asked a female friend to be a surrogate.

“My dream is to have a baby, not to adopt one because I am not up to it and I don’t feel strong enough,” he told the magazine.

“I want my own child, a biological child, the fruit of my sperm, conceived through artificial insemination because it wouldn’t make sense for me to make love to a woman I don’t love.

“A week ago I asked a dear friend of mine, who is twelve years younger than me, if she would help. I asked her, ‘Would you like to be the mother of my child?”

Critics have pointed out that Dolce and Gabbana’s recent comments hailing the “traditional family” were reflected in their fashion show at Milan Fashion Week earlier this month, called “Viva la Mamma.”

Although they continue to work together, the two men were romantically involved for more than 20 years before breaking up in 2005.

Facing a growing celebrity boycott over their homophobic comments, the designers have insisted that they don’t judge non-traditional families but that they have the right to express their personal views.

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