Watch: Here’s the Calvin Klein ad accused of “gay propaganda”


Here's-the-Calvin-Klein-ad-accused-of-gay-propagandaAn advert for the Calvin Klein fragrance CK2 could fall foul of Russia’s “gay propaganda” law.

The ad features a series of young couples, including two shirtless men on a motorbike who exchange lustful glances at each other.

There’s also a female duo who could be just friends having fun or maybe more.

It’s all very innocuous and largely in the eye of the beholder but that hasn’t stopped “outraged” Russians, who saw it on the Russian version of YouTube, from complaining about the ad.

According to Russia’s Rambler News Service, officials in the Arkhangelsk Region have received a petition claiming that the video includes “signs of propaganda of homosexuality and paedophilia.”

Here's-the-Calvin-Klein-ad-accused-of-gay-propaganda_02The authorities are investigating the complaint and will announce their decision in the coming weeks.

If found guilty, Calvin Klein could be fined 1 million rubles $14,000 / R224,000)

The federal law banning gay “propaganda” was signed by President Putin in June 2013.

It bans promoting “non-traditional sexual relationships” among minors, including “notions of attractiveness” or information that “raises interest in” non-traditional sexual relationships.

The law has been used to restrict media freedom and music concerts, to ban gay Pride events and protests and has been blamed for an increase in homophobic violence and discrimination.

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