15 and 20-year-old youths executed in Somalia for homosexuality

A man is thrown to his death by Isis in Mosul

A man is thrown to his death by Isis in Mosul

By murdering two youths, the al-Shabaab extremist group has joined Isis in the horrific practice of executing people for homosexuality.

Associated Press reports that the radical Somali-based group announced the news on its Andalus radio service.

According to the station, a 15-year-old boy and a 20-year-old man were arrested by the group’s Islamic police and sentenced to death.

They were executed in a public square in the town of Buale for “immoral and reprehensible” sexual acts.

It is believed that this is the first time that al-Shabaab – which is allied to al-Qaeda – has claimed responsibility for executing anyone for homosexuality.

The report of the cold-blooded killings follows the release on Monday of pictures of the execution of another man in Iraq by Isis militants.

Found “guilty” of homosexuality, the desperate blindfolded victim is seen clinging to the parapet before being pushed off the roof of a building in Mosul.

Since June 2014, Isis has proudly distributed images and videos of dozens of brutal public killings of gay men and those accused of being gay. It’s been claimed that in some cases undercover Isis members set up ‘dates’ with gay men in order to lure, capture and execute them.

The group is a proponent of a radical interpretation of sharia religious law which allows for the execution of people for “morality” crimes, including adultery and homosexuality. Most victims of Isis gay executions have been beheaded, thrown off the top of buildings or stoned.

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