This is how Moshe Ndiki’s dad reacted to the idea of meeting his boyfriend


Moshe Ndiki (Facebook)

Openly gay actor and TV presenter Moshe Ndiki has shared his father’s heartwarming response to him talking about a ‘boyfriend’.

On Tuesday, the Uyang’thanda Na host and The Queen star posted screenshots of a Whatsapp conversion with his dad.

In it, he joked about having a boyfriend flying in from Scotland in December who he wanted to introduce to the family over the festive season.

“We have never really spoke about dating and me being Gay,” explained Ndiki, who is single. “So I was just testing the waters… and this was his reply…”

His father responded that it would be “a great idea” to meet the boyfriend for Christmas, leaving Ndiki deeply emotional. “Is it weird that I feel like crying. Like both my parents are fully supportive…” he said.

The post went viral, garnering almost 5,000 likes and hundreds of comments and retweets from Twitter users who were equally moved by Ndiki’s dad.

“Our parents can be so beautiful sometimes,” said one user, while another commented, “Is it weird that I also feel like crying after reading this?”

Ndiki made it clear that it wasn’t the case that his parents didn’t know that he is gay, just that he’d never really talked about having a partner with them.

Earlier this year, the star spoke about playing the gay character of Prince in The Queen, and explained that it wasn’t easy, as some assumed, just because both shared the same sexuality.

“We are from very different backgrounds. We are both gay, but when he came out to his family he was disowned, whereas when I came out to my family, they were very accepting,” Ndiki told IOL.

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